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SAHAYATRA is meant for anyone interested in palliative care – patients and families, palliative care professionals, volunteers and well-wishers.

Yearly subscription rate for Sahayatra is Rs.200/. However, we send Sahayatra free of cost to patients and their families. Donations made to Pallium India are exempt from income tax under 80G(s)(VI) of the Income Tax Act. To subscribe to Sahayatra monthly magazine, please write to

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  1. mayajayan permalink
    August 1, 2010

    Sahayatra is the proof of a very laudable effort by a group of people who take people like me who are very far away from the harsh realities of life on a ride filled with is compassion thereby making us realise that there is no dearth of good people in our life.Having seen a lot of people close to me succumbing to cancer in recent times,i actually dont need this to tell me what lies in store for a lot of people with no fault of theirs.There are different things that give you peace of mind and making others happy according to me the greatest of all those.So if u can lend a hand to ease someone of their pain there is no greater feeling than that and it is to highlight this that sahayatra makes an effort at.
    Especially loved the article on artist Surendran.Reminded me of the child wizard Clint during my childhood.It is people like Surendran who can take credit of living life to the fullest even with their shortcomings.All the very best to him and to all those unknown people like him who make life in this world worthwhile….godbless them all and all those people who take an effort to ease their pain….

  2. premnath cn permalink
    May 11, 2013

    enique sahayatra pathippu avasyam unddu.

  3. abraham p thomas permalink
    June 16, 2013

    Pl.send me a sahayatra pathippu by to my
    email .
    I am very interesting to know regarding

  4. June 16, 2013

    Dear Mr Abraham Thomas
    All issues of Sahayatra are uploaded on the website. Please visit
    Thank you for your interest. Where do you live?

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