We believe that Community engagement is the essence of Palliative Care and that health for all is health with all, and that for it to be sustainable, it must be owned by the community. 

To this end, we initiated the following programmes aimed at Community engagement. 

  • Compassionate Communities
  • SANS Pain – Students’ Palliative Care initiative 
  • Unarv
  • Volunteer programme

 We also conduct events like ‘Patients Get together’ , ‘Life and Death with Dignitea’, food festivals, flash mobs, exhibitions and sales of patient-made products over the course of the year, as well as on occasions like World Hospice and Palliative Care Day and Elisabeth Kubler Ross’s birthday.  

Over 150 active volunteers have been catalysed to promote awareness and build demand at the individual and household level in Trivandrum.  We also catalyse the panchayats and volunteers within our link centers 

Nationally, members from Pallium India have addressed members of civil society at various events like TEDx talks, Rotary meets, colleges and so on.  

For more information about our community work in Trivandrum, kindly contact : Babu Abraham +91 9746745502; babu@palliumindia.org