At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
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Malaysia releases National Palliative Care Policy

2019 November 11

Pallium India was truly privileged to be part of an event in Kuala Lumpur on 6 November 2019 at which Malaysia’s health minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Bin Ahmed (in the picture) released the National palliative care policy of Malaysia. He did not just make a speech and vanish as one would expect a busy minister to do; he was so interested that he stayed on for more than two hours, listening to the proceedings, talking to all concerned and making plans for implementation.

Congratulations Dr Richard Lim, for your pioneering efforts.

District level palliative care program launched in Odisha

2019 November 11

Palliative care in Odisha was started in the 1990s by Dr Sukdev Nayak and team, at the Regional Cancer Centre, Cuttack. That was a great beginning; but at district level, the growth was precious little. From the beginning of 2019, Pallium India has been working with champions in Odisha to get the state to adopt a palliative care policy. We had prepared a draft policy, and to some extent, the attempt has borne fruit.

On 7th November 2019, the Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Patnaik announced a palliative care program to be started at the district level. Perhaps a pragmatic program could be much more effective than a policy document.

Congratulations, palliative care champions in Odisha.

Apply Now for 1-year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pain and Palliative Medicine

2019 November 8

1-year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pain and Palliative Medicine

(Affiliated to Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science, Warangal)

MNJ Regional Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology (MNJ) invites application for the 1-year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pain and Palliative Medicine



Post Graduate Degree (MD/MS/ DNB in clinical Speciality) or PG Diploma in the concerned specialty.

No of Seats: 02

Course Duration: One year

Commence of Course: 25 November 2019

Last Date of Application: 18 November 2019


Goals of the Program

Palliative Medicine is one of the youngest branches of modern medicine. In India. The MCI recognised and started MD in Palliative medicine in the year 2011.

The rising awareness and demand has led to rapid growth in the number of patients receiving palliative care in India. Although the number of palliative care programs has grown dramatically over the past decade, the specialist workforce needed to provide appropriate palliative care, mentor and teach the next generation of physicians in the core principles of palliative medicine, and develop the knowledge base required to provide the best quality care for patients and their families is inadequate.
The goal of Fellowship in Pain and Palliative Medicine is develop a cadre of competent subspecialist in Palliative Medicine who is capable of assuming a consultant’s role in the subspecialty.

During the course of training, the candidate is expected to acquire

• The medical knowledge, clinical skills, and professional attitudes needed to provide care to patients with chronic or life-threatening illness and patients’ families
• Understanding of the basic physiological principles and to expertly assess and manage the complex pain and other symptom issues associated with chronic and life threatening illness.
• The ability to function as a consultant in the inpatient, outpatient, home care, hospice and community settings, as part of an interprofessional team.
• Expertise in communication related to discussing diagnosis, prognosis, advanced care planning and end of life decision making.
• Expertise dealing with complex psychosocial and spiritual and mental health issues faced by the patient living with life limiting conditions and their families.
• The requisite knowledge, skills, and behaviours for effective patient-centred care and service to a diverse population to address moral and ethical issues, and issues of gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, beliefs, and ethnicity in a professional manner.


How to Apply:

Please send the following documents to

1. Covering Letter addressed to The Director, MNJIO&RCC, Hyderabad.
2. Resume
3. Self attested Graduation and Post Graduation certificates.




MNJ Academic section

Phone: 040 23397000




Thank you donors

2019 November 8

Anurag Behar, in his article We shouldn’t expect philanthropists to fund activism, asks us not to depend on business houses if we want our non-government organisations truly independent. The wealthy in India do not give anywhere near what they could, he argues.


In that context, we are particularly grateful to our donors who have kept us going. True, paucity of funds has prevented us from growing the way our country’s needs demand; but at least we have managed not only to stay afloat, but also to grow at a certain modest rate.

Thank you everyone who support us with your time, money or good will.

Palliative Care Training Program at Delhi

2019 October 29

Radhika Kumar, a volunteer from Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi, writes:


“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

We, a group of residents of Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi, celebrated World Hospice & Palliative Care Day by organizing a 2-day “Volunteer Training Program” to a group of 15 volunteers, under the banner of Pallium India on 12th & 13th Oct 2019.

The event was kick-started with an inspiring welcome message from Dr. M. R. Rajagopal, chairman of Pallium India, through pre-recorded video. We all were motivated by his words.

This was followed by sessions on Introduction to Palliative Care, Community Participation, Grief & Bereavement, Home-Based Care, Communication Skills, End of Life Care, Basic Nursing Skills, Role Plays, Real Life Experience and Group Discussions, which were conducted by the very experienced, motivating and encouraging team representing Pallium India, comprising Dr. Mary Abraham, Dr. Parul, Ms Kathleen and Dr. Saima. The co-ordinator of the training program, Ms. Nandini Jayaprakasan had taken care of each and every thing (right from a place to conduct the program to arranging drinking water, food, tea etc.) to make us comfortable and enable us to concentrate on the training.

Most of us were not even aware of the term Palliative Care. After attending the training, we could comprehend in depth the meaning of the word Caring. The passion for giving care and accepting care from someone is hidden in our hearts. A few kind words and positive attitude can change someone’s perception towards life – this was one of the big learnings of this program. They have the power to ease pain in patients and caregivers. “My Care, My Right” has to be invoked in the citizens of our country.

We, the Volunteers of Vasundhara Enclave, pledge to walk through the pathways shown by our mentors with a heart full of Care, Compassion and Dedication to support our fellow human beings who are suffering from life-threatening or life-limiting diseases.

Here is some of the feedback we received after the event:

“It was very inspiring to meet the dedicated team of Pallium India – Dr Mary, Dr Parul, Dr Saima and Ms Kathleen. We need to create awareness in society about Palliative Care, and move people from self-centeredness and awaken their humane feelings…” – Nilima Dutt

“The programme was very informative. It helped us understand various concepts and the objectives of palliative care.” – Ambika Menon

“This session was an eye-opener for most of us. It is the need of the hour to spread awareness about palliative care.” – Prasanna Sivadas

“Some points may seem unimportant like taking care of your facial expression, body language, etc. while interacting with the patient. But they are very important. Ms Kathleen has given an insight into these which one may tend to ignore.” – Santha Jayakrishnan

“This training taught me the importance of patience and empathy while dealing with people with illnesses.” – S Radhika