Published on: April 21, 2020

How did I even make the transition from one end of the scale of being a practising gynaecologist to a Palliative Medicine doctor, at my age?

That’s a long story for another occasion.

But, am I glad I took this plunge at this stage of my life at least.

I feel blessed for making this decision.

At Pallium India, the dedication, simplicity , humility and the hunger to help, begins at the bottom.

How does that happen?

Believe me , a single soul is responsible for this beautiful situation. Dr. RAJAGOPAL.

How does he achieve this? An extraordinary visionary, an extremely simple, humble person, with mighty dedication, who talks the talk and walks the walk.

He does not work at numero uno, he is one with everyone else.

That is why his word is literally and happily accepted by all who work at Pallium India.

The 6 week course on Palliative Medicine, conducted by extraordinary dedicated teachers or doctors and nurses, recognised by the World Health Organisation is the best.

Similarly the work being done by every member of the team is with great care, warmth and sincerity.

I have worked on 2 different occasions , and must say I am highly impressed and touched, by the extent to which every team member contributes for the ultimate joys of all the people they care for.

I hope to be able to renew these positive emotions repeatedly.


Dr. Uma A Narayan 

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