Published on: April 21, 2020

My Extended Family – Pallium India

It was payback time. I resigned my lucrative job and joined Pallium India as a volunteer as Palliative Care appealed to me.

It takes a lot of compassion and empathy towards our suffering brethren to provide them relief that saw the establishment of Pallium India by it’s founder Chairman Dr.M.R.Rajagopal. It is for good reason that he is considered the Father of Palliative Care in India.

What impressed me and lessons learnt are:

  1. The absence of any hierarchy amongst staff and volunteers from the Chairman down to those at the lowest rung of the ladder mingle freely as within a family.
  2. The policy of ‘Interest of the patient and his family is paramount’.
  3. Visits to patients homes and seeing their suffering made me realize how blessed I am and humbled me.
  4. Unveiling the sufferings undergone by women caregivers who comprise 80% of all caregivers, through the documentary “Support, a different story”.
  5. That, if it’s every patient’s constitutional right to live with dignity and be cared for, it becomes my responsibility to give that care.
  6. Pallium India’s documentary “Hippocratic” is a tell all of the way health care has transformed into an industry and the great strides made by palliative care pitted against such a formidable force.

Blessed to be working for Pallium India. 

Krishnaraj Nambiar
Volunteer, Pallium India

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