Published on: December 31, 2022
Dr Rajagopal's book Walk With the Weary is now available with a new look and feel. Published by Aleph Book Company.

Walk with the Weary – Life Changing Lessons in Healthcare’ published by Aleph Book Company, with a Foreword by Dr Shashi Tharoor MP, is a compilation of experiences from Dr M. R Rajagopal’s decades-long palliative care journey, walking with people suffering from life limiting illnesses, and lessons learned on how to befriend life until the very end, with compassionate care on one’s side.

In Walk with the Weary: Life-changing Lessons in Healthcare, Dr Rajagopal knits his own experiences as a doctor with stories of the unique lives of his many patients, asserting that medicine can bring comfort and security to those at their most vulnerable and provide them the opportunity to not only live healthy lives but to die with dignity. Read more.

The book is dedicated to all those who generously shared their life stories with the author. 

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards providing palliative care to people who desperately need it but have no access to it.

Walk with the weary: Lessons in humanity in health care by Dr M. R. Rajagopal can be purchased from these bookstores:

Aleph Book Company:

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We request you to post a review after reading the book, as it will add visibility to the memoir and help it reach more readers who could benefit from the stories in it.

For more information, please contact: / 97467 45497 / 858 999 8761

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