Published on: September 30, 2023

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Virtual Education Department wins ECHO Excellence award 2023

The ECHO Excellence award was presented by Dr Sanjeev Arora, Director and Founder, Project ECHO to Dr M R Rajagopal, Founder and Chairman-Emeritus, Pallium India, on the 20th of September 2023 during MetaECHO 2023, a Global Conference conducted by Project ECHO in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) has been a game changer in reaching healthcare providers no matter their setting, and uses technology to leverage scarce resources. It creates virtual communities where participants engage with their peers, share support, guidance and feedback. Project ECHO has 900+ partners globally and its impact has been felt in 63 countries. Its founder, Dr. Sanjeev Arora created this platform with a vision to ensure the right knowledge exists at the right place at the right time.

This year, Project ECHO celebrated ‘20 Years of ECHO’. ECHO leaders, partner teams, government officials, funders, policymakers, industry experts, and more gathered to share retrospective work and thoughts on the future of ECHO. ECHO Excellence awards were given to individuals or organisations who have helped the movement grow into what it is today.

Using the ECHO training platform, Pallium India has provided palliative care training to 5872 participants from 33 countries. Individual programs saw participation of 1590 doctors, 618 nurses, 499 allied medical professional, 86 palliative care beneficiaries, 32 physiotherapists, 20 counsellors and 1589 volunteers. In the thick of the  COVID-19 pandemic, a group of experts came together and trained 1331 healthcare providers across 12 countries in palliative care approaches to manage covid.

Pallium India is proud to be associated with Project ECHO, and greatly appreciate the efforts of our virtual education team led by Rajalekshmi Balu, Dr Sreedevi Warrier, Dr Sunilkumar M M, along with team members past and present – Sree Priya S, Siniya S, Sangeeth Krishna P, Vishnu MAnoop S S, Agathiya Vayshnav and Arun Santh.

We would also like to acknowledge with deep gratitude palliative care providers in India and abroad who have collaborated with us on these programs as faculty, facilitators and content co-creators. And a special thank you to all our participants who have contributed to the success of these programs.

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Global Fellowship in Palliative Medicine (GFPM) 2024 – registrations close on 10th October

Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), Pallium India, announces Global Fellowship in Palliative Medicine (GFPM) 2024

Last date for Application: 10 October 2023

Selection List publication: 30 November 2023

Course start date: 01 January 2024

Eligibility: MBBS / BDS

Apply now: 

In case of queries please contact: / +91 90726 20041

Pallium India has started a new service, called Evening Special Homecare Team (ESHT) for patient care, which would be available from 2PM to 8 PM. A male nurse and a palliative care assistant constitute the team for ESHT.
The intention of ESHT is to cater to the emergency needs of patients who are registered with us. While the regular home visit team is doing scheduled visits, if another patient calls for any urgent need, that is attended to by the Morning Special Homecare Team (MSHT). However, since the MSHT wind up the home care by 3.30 PM – 4 PM, the ESHT would be able to respond to the calls arising afterwards.
If anyone you know needs palliative care support, please reach out to us: +91 964 588 4889

Video of the Month
Global Disparities in Palliative Care – Friday Chalk Talks

Listen to Dr Rajagopal as he shares his experiences and lessons with Friday Chalk Talks.

Friday Chalk Talks are a weekly, live-audience, short-and-sweet, 20-30 minute presentation and discussion, for the entire multidisciplinary Palliative Care team (physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists, and others). A grassroots project to share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned with other Palliative Care specialists. Presentations are focused on smaller topics meant to spark further interest in a subject and provide listeners with pearls that may help impact their practice.

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Events / Trainings / Conferences

6 weeks Certificate Course for doctors and nurses (CCPPM & CCPN) – at Trivandrum

Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS), Pallium India, invites doctors and nurses to join this six weeks certificate course in pain management and palliative care, at Trivandrum.

The participants will get to take an active part in Pallium India’s inpatientout patient and home visit programs, as well as in events and celebrations at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Start Date: 1 November 2023 (Wednesday)

Eligibility – Six weeks’ “Hands-on” Certificate Course in Pain & Palliative Medicine (CCPPM): MBBS or BDS with permanent registration with medical / dental council.

Eligibility – Six weeks’ “Hands-on” Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing (CCPN): Any nurse holding a recognised degree or certificate in nursing.

Venue: Pallium India, Aisha Memorial Hospital Building, Paruthikkuzhy, Trivandrum.

Contact us: / (+91) 85899 98760


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Students Initiative in Palliative Care (SIPC) SANS-PAIN Inauguration

Students Initiative in Palliative Care (SIPC) – 3rd edition inauguration and official launch of SANS Pain (Students Against Needless Suffering and Pain). Trivandrum SIPC volunteers and NSS program officers of active SIPC units under APJ Abdul Kalam University and Kerala University can participate.

Date & Time: October 2, 2023 @ 10 AM

Venue: LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura

Click here to register:

Run for Patients in Need at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024!

Registrations for TMM 2024 are now open! The race will take place on 21st January 2024.

Join us in making a meaningful impact by participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

By purchasing a Charity Bib from us, you get to participate in the country’s most prominent marathon event while contributing to the well-being of patients living with cancer, HIV, stroke, and other life-threatening and non-curable illnesses and disabilities.


Join this virtual conference from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. It is for free!

4th Annual US Celebration of World Hospice & Palliative Care Day Conference

Compassionate Communities: Together for Palliative Care

Dates: 3-4 October 2023

Visit more information

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day – 14 October 2023

This year World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (WHPCD) will be observed on Saturday, 14 October 2023, with the theme: Compassionate Communities: Together for Palliative Care.

WHPCD is an annual unified day of action to celebrate and support hospice and palliative care around the world.

Register your event on the 2023 Event Map.

Read to know more about the day and how to get involved:


The 31st annual conference of Indian Association Of Palliative Care (IAPC), IAPCON 2024 will be held at the Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad, from 9th February (Friday), to 11th February (Sunday), 2024.

Dr M T Bhatia award is for a nurse’s best original research work in palliative care presented via a poster during IAPCON 2024.

Any qualified nurse (GNM, BSc, M.Sc.) working in Palliative Care settings, who is a life member of IAPC may apply.

For more information visit:

Applications are open for the 2024 Pediatric Palliative Care Fellowship Program

The fellowship is ONLY for Pediatricians who are working in South and Southeast Asia.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

There are 3 positions are available each year. The fellowship is 1-year in duration.

Oct 15, 2023 – Last Day of Submission of Application Forms

Course start date: Jan 8, 2024
Course completion date: Jan 4, 2025

To request an application or for further information, contact: Fellowship Program Coordinator by Email:

2024 Palliative Congress

The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) host the Palliative Care Congress on an annual basis. PCC events attract over 500 delegates from around the world from a diverse multidisciplinary background. 

2024 Plenary Speakers


Submit your ‘WHPCD celebrations’ in the IAPC’s National Portal

The Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) invites palliative care institutions to share their World Hospice and Palliative Care Day (WHPCD) celebrations with the palliative care community.

Please click here to showcase your events, academic activities, cultural programs, painting competitions, or community engagement initiatives. 

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MERAKI by Pooja Gopal

Pooja Gopal, a promising graduate from the Trivandrum International School, has taken it up on herself to do her bit for the underprivileged through the Art of paper Quilling – Making Jewellery out of paper! Through her brand MERAKI, she will be selling this exquisite jewellery and has decided to donate all the proceeds to Pallium India.

By purchasing these unique designs, you’re not just adorning yourself with beauty; you’re also contributing to a meaningful cause.

Follow @merakibypoojagopal on Instagram and also please spread the word amongst your family and friends to support those who can’t afford better healthcare for themselves.

Take a moment to explore the collection, and if something catches your eye, please send a DM to Meraki.

Indian Cancer Society’s Annual Summit

The annual summit of the Indian Cancer Society held at the Indian International Centre in Lodhi Estate on September 24, 2023, was a remarkable event that brought together various stakeholders in the field of cancer care. It was an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments and milestones achieved in the battle against cancer, as well as an opportunity to discuss the challenges that lie ahead.

Dr Preeti Chauhan’s (Department Head – National Policy, Pallium India) presentation on ‘The role of NGOs in Cancer Care‘ depicted the incredible 19-year struggle it took to get amendments done in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of 1985.


Caring mind and curing heart

Dr. Greeshma, Palliative Care Physician, writes:

A team comprising doctor, nurse and social officer from Pallium India, along with our regional facilitator – southern region, visited Akkara foundation (AF) at Kasaragod as part of mutual learning. The team included Sr.Anu, Mr. Sarath, Mr. Lalit and myself. I was excited to see the new settings. I could see many innocent faces with pure smiles. Though all staff were busy with their tightly packed schedule, their hospitality and passion for helping others was heartwarming. We could see the systematic and organised functioning of Akkara Foundation.

We visited the children’s rehabilitation center. The suffering of children with special needs is endless. But early identification and intervention can help them to be self sufficient. It can delay and, in some cases, prevent further progression of disabilities. However, the parents and family members need constant support. Psychological counselling and therapies help the family members to maintain healthy mind and to stay hopeful in their life.

We met staff and volunteers, observed their activities in homecare, and were able to understand how beautifully they work in the community and also among the children. They have weekly meetings with the whole team to discuss patient care and that showed the healthy relationship between all departments.

The management is continuously reviewing their activities, grabbing opportunities to improve, flexible and speedy actions – all ensures that AF would reach their goals. Staff recreation activities are mind-blowing.

Life is a mission but with vision it can change the world. Special thanks to humble souls who are behind these especially the Chairman and his family, Mr Yasir, all palliative team members, Moicha, volunteers and all other members of AF.

To the readers, I request you to spend some time with these families. We will be reminded of how fortunate many of us are and how grateful we should be, and how kind God is! Let’s hold our hands together to make their life beautiful and meaningful.

Pilot neuro-palliative unit for Alzheimer’s patients

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in India, the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) with the support of Cipla Foundation, has set up a multidisciplinary neuro palliative care unit to reach out to people with neuro-degenerative disorders, among whom dementia patients and their caregivers form a major proportion.

Set up in November 2021, the pilot initiative has reached out to over 2,000 patients with neuro-degenerative conditions, and 206 dementia patients from Karnataka and outside have received advanced care through telephone/home-based supportive care after initial diagnosis and treatment plan. There are plans to scale it to the national level because the need is huge.


Befriending death

Death, because it is something all human beings, no matter how privileged, will experience, is profoundly, transhistorically, and universally democratic. Although the conditions of dying are wildly inequitable, death itself excludes no one from its ultimate embrace. Paradoxically though, each death is unique and individual!

Dr Katherine Pettus writes >>

“Natural Attorneys of the Poor:” A Case Study on a Community-Based Palliative Care Model to Address Socioeconomic Causes of Suffering

On an early fall morning, I set out for a coastal town in Kerala, India, with Pallium India’s dedicated home care team. The road was narrow and tortuous as it contoured the coast.

I joined them as part of my research exploring how community-based organizations like Pallium mobilized to meet the enormous primary care and palliative care needs of populations at the margins of health care access.

Ramya Sampath, MD writes:


The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death:

Bringing death back into life

New website for future work of the The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death launched. Sign up today to be part of the next steps:

Is Seeking Cancer Care in Government Hospitals Really Free?

Are we trying our best to make healthcare as accessible and affordable for our people as possible?

Are we treating just the disease or the person with the disease? 

Parth Sharma writes:


Myths and Facts about Palliative Care – Follow us on Instagram

The five stages of grief 

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief are often misunderstood to be linear. However, grief is an individual process, and not everyone experiences these stages or goes through them in a linear fashion.


Caring For The Caregiver

When illness strikes, it doesn’t just impact the patient but derails the entire family and even friends. The role of a caregiver is taken on as suddenly as an illness is discovered. There is hardly ever a time to prepare. 


Overwriting Misconceptions About Palliative Care

A fog of myths and misconceptions surrounds palliative care – a sad but unfortunate fact. Especially because these myths instill a fear that accepting palliative care means there is no more hope, consequently preventing them from reaching out for it. 


“Hippocratic” is now available on Vimeo

“Hippocratic” is a feature-length film released in 2017 by Moonshine Agency , exploring the life story of acclaimed Indian physician, Dr M.R Raja Gopal. From cowardly child to fearless visionary, this compelling tale sees its hero come full-circle to rediscover the first principles of medicine.

This exquisite first-person account, narrated by David Suchet CBE, tells the story of an extraordinary global health leader in Dr MR Rajagopal, or Dr Raj.

This film is now available on the OTT platform Vimeo for Rs 83/-. This is a powerful advocacy tool to spread the message of palliative care to the public. Half of the revenue from this will come to Pallium India for patient care.

Please share it with anyone who is interested to know more about palliative care.

Click here to watch on Vimeo


That’s How the Light Got In

Anne Merriman with Autumn Fielding-Monson

Anne Merriman’s life shines a beacon of light on how everyone can walk their own true path. 

Anne became an important palliative care pioneer in Singapore and Sub-Saharan Africa, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination and founding a model of palliative care for all of Africa, Hospice Africa Uganda.

Anne Merriman’s epic adventures, forbidden love, outlandish flair, fiery nature and Godly pursuits will have the reader laughing and crying, while also finding pearls of wisdom that only the lens of hindsight can provide. May That’s How the Light Got In illuminate your own path as we all search for and live out our own meaning and purpose.

30 Years – 30 Stories: Told by Patients, their Families and the Team of Hospice Africa Uganda

This is a captivating, moving book, full of life and all of the powerful emotions that come with extending love during the challenges facing patients with serious and life-limiting medical conditions and their families.

It tells of the joys that come with never giving up on patients, whatever the prognosis of the disease they have. It tells of the passion in teaching others how to care, showing compassion, demonstrating excellent medical skills, and providing important emotional support at the same time. It tells of hearts that seek to know patients, beyond theories that seek to define patients’ illnesses.

Kindle edition available in India

The Safari Concept: An African Framework for End of Life Care 

Dr. Christian Ntizimira 

There is a Rwandan saying, “When you are well, you belong to yourself. But when you are sick, you belong to your family.”

Understanding the suffering of seriously ill patients is crucial for providing compassionate and practical support to those individuals and their loved ones, which may include immediate family members and whole communities.

Through personal stories, research-based insights, and practical guidance, this book helps readers develop the skills and resources necessary to provide holistic and empathetic support to those facing the end of life.

Kindle edition available in India

Walk With The Weary: Life-changing Lessons in Healthcare

(Available in Paperback and Kindle formats, globally)

“Dr. M.R. Rajagopal ’s book, ‘Walk with the Weary,’ is an account of stories woven around severe human pain. The memoir flows easily, analogous to stories told over a campfire – compelling and vibrant. The book is a collection of shared experiences from his years of walking beside individuals suffering from life-limiting illnesses, and it contains many lessons about living and dying well.” Read review by Storizen

In Walk with the Weary: Life-changing Lessons in Healthcare, Dr Rajagopal knits his own experiences as a doctor with stories of the unique lives of his many patients, asserting that medicine can bring comfort and security to those at their most vulnerable and provide them the opportunity to not only live healthy lives but to die with dignity. 

Read more about the book.

Walk with the weary: Life changing lessons in healthcare

If you have already read the book, please leave a review on the website or email it to us:

Patients and families from anywhere in India can call Pallium India’s Telehealth helpline. Health care professionals who need advice on palliative care or pain management can call our numbers.

The service is FREE and available in EnglishHindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

Our lines are open from Monday to Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4pm

Call: +91 964 588 4889 / +91 860 688 4889

In case of queries, please write to us:

Pallium India maintains a state-wise directory of institutions offering palliative care services in India. The list includes palliative care providers from community-based organisations to tertiary care institutions and cancer care centers. 

The directory covers critical information like contact details including phone numbers and email addresses, availability of In-patient, Out-patient and home care services, availability of morphine, etc.

If anyone you know needs palliative care support, our directory will help you find the centre closest to you. Do take a look at Pallium India’s Palliative Care Directory and let us know (Email: or Contact us) if any centre near you is missing.

For more openings across the country, visit our CAREERS page:

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Congratulations, Avtar Singh !

Congratulations to Mr Avtar Singh Cheema (Founder, PalliativePeace) who has been named the recipient of Molly Dam Award 2023. Molly Dam Award was instituted in fond remembrance of Ms Molly Dam to honour all those ‘unsung’ heroes in Palliative care, who work tirelessly and selflessly to provide compassionate care to the dying and the Elderly.

Dr Abhijit Dam (Founder and Director, KOSISH-the hospice) presented the award in recognition of Avtar Singh’s dedication and commitment towards rendering care and relief for the suffering in resource poor settings and during humanitarian situations.

Palliative Care in Madhya Pradesh

The State of Madhya Pradesh does not currently have a State Palliative Care policy. However, the Government of Madhya Pradesh began initiating the Palliative Care Program since 2018 under the umbrella of the National Program for Palliative Care (NPPC).


Home visits with Pallium India team are filled with compassion and love.

The wisest course of action for you is always God’s plan, and everything proceeds as He intends. After being appointed as Regional Coordinator at Pallium India, it was a great opportunity for me to travel to Pallium India’s headquarters in Trivandrum, Kerala, for the induction and training program. I suppose God had chosen me for a specific mission to be a part of Pallium India.

Syed Askari, Regional Facilitator, Pallium India, writes

During my three-week stay in Kerala, I got to know almost all of my Pallium India co-workers. It was a great learning experience and I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge of palliative care. I also had the chance to travel with the home care team and visit some beneficiaries.


Congratulations, Swarga Foundation!

Swarga Foundation was honoured with the Radiant Wellness Ambassador Award in the Health Category during the 6th Radiant Wellness Conclave held in Chennai. The award was presented by the founders of Radiant Group, including Col David Devasahayam & Dr. Renuka David, and Dr. Palanivel Thiagarajan, who serves as the Minister for Information Technology and Digital Services in Tamil Nadu.

Congratulations to our friends at Swarga Foundation and to all the winners of the awards.


Opioid Availability Workshop in UP

Pallium India organized an opioid availability workshop for the  state of UP facilitated by Dr M R Rajagopal, on Aug 21st, 2023 at 3pm to 4pm. Mr DK Tiwari, Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Food Safety and Drug Control, UP and Dr Alka Sharma NCD NHM UP and Dr Sanjay Dhiraj, SGPGI Lucknow attended the workshop along with many others.

Total 36 participants including doctors and paramedical staff from different districts of UP participated in the workshop.


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Beyond Charity: The Need for Integrated Palliative Care in India

“I knew my mother would die in a couple of years. What I didn’t foresee was the extent of her suffering during those two years. She battled a terminal lung condition that progressively took away her ability to breathe. In India, where she lived, relief was hard to come by. I was told multiple times that since she wasn’t a cancer patient, she couldn’t get morphine for her breathlessness, morphine was only for cancer pain.

“As a physician, it appalled me how hard I had to fight to get my mother the hospice care she desired. Her passing left me both devastated and disillusioned with a healthcare system that had deeply failed her.

“This experience led me to Pallium India in February of this year. Their loving compassion empowered me to channel my grief into something positive. With their support, I embarked on a month-long journey across the state of Tamil Nadu in India this August, reaching out to hospitals, colleges, non-profit palliative care organizations, and community groups.”

Dr Sue Royappa writes: Continue reading

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