Published on: September 22, 2023

Pallium India organized an opioid availability workshop for the  state of UP facilitated by Dr M R Rajagopal, on Aug 21st, 2023 at 3pm to 4pm. Mr DK Tiwari, Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Food Safety and Drug Control, UP and Dr Alka Sharma NCD NHM UP and Dr Sanjay Dhiraj, SGPGI Lucknow attended the workshop along with many others.

Total 36 participants including doctors and paramedical staff from different districts of UP participated in the workshop.

Dr Rajagopal explained the NDPS Amendment Act of 2014 and the subsequent 2015 Rules in the state/UTs. He clarified that the licensing process through the Excise department is no longer valid and that the State Drug Controller is the only authority who can issue Recognized Medical Institution (RMI) Certificate to applicants for stocking Essential Narcotic Drugs (ENDs). Out of the total 6 ENDs only Morphine, methadone and Fentanyl are available in India. He said, it is mandatory for every medical practitioner and institute procuring the ENDs, whether it is from the government sector or the private sector, to register with the Drug Controller. Only difference is government institutions need not apply for the certificate(3G) to get approval as an RMI. Government Medical institutes are deemed RMIs. He also urged everyone that we all need to support the process and inform the drug control office with our annual procurements every year.

Mr DK Tiwari also added that their office understands the need of these essential narcotic drugs for medical use that is why their office would never delay action on a single file. They also want to support the medical fraternity in helping people in pain. For any query around the procurement of opioids (ENDs), people can directly reach out to him also.

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