At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
Please join us. Your help is needed.

Precious gifts!

2017 March 8

Thank you Odette! Thank you Rotary Suburban! What precious gifts!

You know how costly western text books are. We need them; but can’t afford them. But look at the cartons and cartons of books that we now have. They came as a gift from Dr.Odette Spruyt of Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne. Rotary Club in Melbourne and Rotary Suburban Club of Trivandrum took the responsibility of sending and receiving them.

Dear Odette, you have been a friend of Palliative Care in India for 2 decades now. You have done so much for our suffering people and you continue to work wonders. Thank you very much.

Mr. Jose Pampackal, President, Mr.Subramoniya Sarma N., Secretary and Dr. N.R.U.K. Kartha of Rotary Suburban handed over the gift to us on March 7th, 2017. Rotary Suburban, we look forward to continuation of your support.

Summer Camp for Children of our Patients

2017 March 8

Every year during the school vacation, Pallium India organizes a summer camp for our patients’ children, where they get to play, to learn and to have a lot of fun. Pallium India supports the educational needs of 300+ such children.

This year’s summer camp is organized from 27th to 29th April, 2017, at Mitraniketan, Trivandrum.

We request your assistance in making this program as enjoyable for them as possible – considering that with illness and death in the family, they do not get to have a lot of fun in regular life.

Please donate to us, and let us know that it is for “Kuttikkoottam Summer Camp”. For details on how to donate, please visit: Contact us if you have queries: / 9746745497

*Donations to Pallium India are exempted from income tax.

No Rehabilitation Facilities in majority of the states

2017 March 8

Even as the Mary Varghese Institute of Rehabilitation at CMC, Vellore, completes 50 years of service, providing treatment and rehabilitation to patients with spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, amputations and cerebral palsy, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) still remains neglected in India.

Recently, it took another doctor, one with 70% locomotor disability, to point out that despite nearly two decades since a directive of the Medical Council of India to the effect, there still weren’t any departments of PMR in a majority of the states, including Delhi.

In a petition filed before the chief commissioner of persons with disability, which comes under the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Satendra Singh, an associate professor of physiology at the University College of Medical Sciences and G.T.B. Hospital in Delhi, noted that despite several guidelines to the effect, “PMR departments are non-existent or scanty in medical colleges of many states”.

Read the report in The Wire: When It Comes to Rehabilitation Facilities, India’s Medical Community Remains Grossly Lacking.

Vacancy: Medical Social Worker at Pallium India, Trivandrum

2017 March 7

Organization: Pallium India
Job Title: Medical Social Worker
No. of Requirements: 2 (Nos.)
Nature of Job: Permanent – Full Time
Qualification: Masters in Social Work (Full-Time) from a recognized university
Experience: Fresher /1-2 years
Place of Job: Pallium India Trust, Arumana Hospital Building, Eanchakkal-West Fort Road, Vallakadavu P.O., Trivandrum

Job Description:

  • Evaluation and management of problems of patients and families requiring palliative care with particular attention to social issues.
  • Auditing of palliative patient care with intent to identification of problems and bringing up possible solutions to problems to the attention of the administration.
  • Taking part in on-going research activities or initiating need based research programs with the approval of scientific committee.
  • Liaising with the Government departments for getting Scheme related information for the patients.
  • Taking steps to publish reports/data from audits or research programs with the objective of improved patient care anywhere.
  • Maintaining regular reporting to superior officials as advised in the contract.
  • Attending (first) and organizing (later) educational programs on behalf of Pallium India.
  • Maintaining good relations with clients, donors, well-wishers and staff during telephone conversations, email contacts, personal contacts or any other.

Interested candidates can send detailed and updated CV to with “Application for Medical Social Worker” as subject. For more details, please contact: / +91 9746745501

For more vacancies, visit our Careers page.

Video: Access to Opioids

2017 March 7

Pallium India’s March 2017 newsletter had opened with an announcement of ten international palliative care organizations collaborating to urge governments to ensure balanced access to opioids for pain relief. To this, Mr Yau Weng Wai of Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative care Network (APHN) writes, “Here’s a 5 minute film to complement the 1st article in the Pallium India newsletter, see”

Indeed, that’s a brilliant visual description of the problem in just about 5 minutes. You wouldn’t regret watching it. And to those who still wonder whether it would not increase the risk of abuse of opioids, let us assure you, many countries including several developing nations have ensured (notably, the south Indian state of Kerala) have demonstrated that with some basic precautions, it is indeed possibly to have the balance – making opioids available for pain relief, at the same time preventing diversion.

Mr Weng Wai has also recommended watching another 5 minute film called “Reaching Policy Makers” which focuses on the integration of palliative care into government run health systems.