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End-of-life care across the world: a global moral failing

2016 July 30

QOD index - with India marked“Despite its limitations, the 2015 Quality of Death index is an insightful and credible effort that laudably calls attention to the woefully inadequate care for some of the neediest and most vulnerable patients across the world, those nearing the end of life,” say Dr Eric Krakauer (Harvard Medical School) and Dr M R Rajagopal (Pallium India), evaluating the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2015 report in the Lancet (Volume 388, 30 July 2016).

The report in the Lancet points out that though the top 27 overall scorers are high income countries, low middle income Mongolia (No.28) and low income Uganda (No. 35) are doing much better than the high income Russia (No.48) and Saudi Arabia (No.60). Much too often, lack of finances is pointed out as an excuse for not offering palliative care as in India (No. 67) and hence the authors have done well to point out the inequity.

The report points out the several limitations of the study. Yet that is the best index we have so far and as the authors exhort, “Public Health organizations, global health funders and political, economic and health care leaders should attend carefully to it.”

Read the article in the Lancet: End-of-life care across the world: a global moral failing

Ganga Prem Hospice, Rishikesh, invites applications from palliative care doctors

2016 July 26

Ganga Prem Hospice Rishikesh Cancer Clinic

Ganga Prem Hospice, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, invites applications from trained palliative care professionals to join its team as a full time Palliative Care Doctor.

Ganga Prem Hospice is a spiritually oriented, non-profit hospice for terminally ill cancer patients which currently offers home care to the districts of Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun in Uttarakhand, North India. The Hospice provides medical, social, emotional and spiritual support for individuals and their loved ones facing life threatening diseases.

A new inpatient unit at Ganga Prem Hospice is due to open by the end of 2016.

For more details on the hospice and the vacancy, please click here.

Contact: / 91-9810931743

For more openings, visit our Careers page.


Petition to Government of India: Protect Our End of Life Wishes

2016 July 21

In the article titled “Why wouldn’t the government let me die in peace” published in Manorama dated 19 July, Dr M. R. Rajagopal called for opinions and views from readers regarding end of life care.

“A law covering end of life care is certainly needed. But it should be logical and ethical. Silence, yours and mine, will be dangerous at this juncture. This is our last chance to let the Government of India know our views.”

The overwhelming support in the form of emails led Pallium India to consider submitting a petition to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to protect our end of life wishes. The petition has been drawn up here: Protect our End of Life Wishes

Please read the petition and sign (enter your name and email) to show your support. Pallium India will collect all the responses and forward it to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Click here to read the petition and sign your support:

More voices in support of palliative care and allowing natural death

2016 July 20

Please listen to what Dr Jochen Beker-Ebel has to say. In Germany, access to palliative care, a human right, has been assured by law as far back as twenty years ago. Let us remember his statement, “Implementation of a palliative care policy would reduce their desire for an early death.”

Read the news in the Times of India.

Opioid Workshop held in Nagpur

2016 July 17

Nagpur Opioid Workshop 1

An opioid workshop was organised in Nagpur by NKPSIMS & RH & Lata Mangeshakar Hospital, Digdoh on 8th July 2016. It was attended by about 70 delegates including doctors, nurses administrators and medical social workers.

The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the vital role and safety of opioids – chiefly Injection and Tablets Morphine in managing pain and palliative care – as well as to make the delegates aware of the NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) Act of India and its recent Amendment.

The speakers included Dr Nandini Vallath, consultant of Pallium India, Dr Chandrashekhar Cham, well known senior anaesthesiologist and pain management consultant of Nagpur, Mr M. G. Kekatpure, the Joint commissioner of the department of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Nagpur and Mr V.R. Ravi, drug inspector, FDA Nagpur. The event was also graced by the presence of Honourable Secretary VSPM Academy of Health and Education, Nagpur, Dr Amol Deshmukh, the Dean of NKPSIMS & LMH, Dr Kajal Mitra, Medical Superintendent, Dr Milind Bhrushundi and Professor and H.O.D. Forensic Medicine LMH, Dr Kanade, Professor and H.O.D. of Surgery, Dr Murtaza Akhtar, and many others.

The legal issues and commonly unknown facts concerning opioids, such as their cultivation, transport, formulations and the provisions and punishments mentioned in the NDPS act were discussed, as well as the NDPS amendment of 2014 which has made the process of procuring, storing and using the opioids, notably Morphine, simple and uniform for all states of India.

Read the complete report of the workshop, prepared by Dr Ravindra Kshirsagar, Lecturer in Medicine and palliative care physician of LMH.