At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
Please join us. Your help is needed.

Her Excellency The Governor of Kerala to visit the exhibition “The Desert Rose”

2014 April 21

dixitWe are delighted to announce that Her Excellency the Governor of Kerala, Smt Sheila Dikshit, will be visiting the exhibition “The Desert Rose” at 11.30 AM on 28th of April, 2014.

“The Desert Rose” is an exhibition of paintings and other artistic creations by patients of Pallium India and their families. The event is organized at Trivandrum in co-operation with Alliance Française.

Date: 26 April to 30 April, 2014
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM
Venue: Alliance Française, Forest Office Lane, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum
Contact: +91 471 244 0306

We invite you all to visit the exhibition and to encourage the creators.

For more information on the exhibition, please visit “The Desert rose – An Exhibition by our Patients and Families, in Trivandrum

About euthanasia, again.

2014 April 21

Dr. M.R. Rajagopal writes -

“What would you do if one of your patients requested mercy killing?” asked Prof.Titus, Head of the Department of Cardiology at Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, during the meeting of the Trivandrum Nephrology Club at Trivandrum on the 3rd of April, 2014. The question is something that is on many people’s mind, often unvoiced.

I gave my usual reply – that in the vast majority of patients, palliative care is the viable and humane alternative to Euthanasia. That when we hear the request for euthanasia, we see it as a cry for help: “Help me! I cannot bear this suffering!” The ethical response should not be “Let us see how we can kill you,” but rather, “I see your suffering; let us see how we can remove your pain.”

Prof Titus was insistent. “Okay,” he said, “What about the minority in whom you cannot relieve the suffering adequately, and the request for Euthanasia persists?”

Really Dr Titus, my reply to you was inadequate at that point. Here is what I really do on those occasions.

I would sit down with him and mentally shed my white coat, stethoscope and all the paraphernalia that etch the word ‘doctor’ in me. At that point of time, I become but an ordinary human being, trying to relate to a fellow human being with my heart. I would convey with my face, gestures and also with my words that I care for him as a human being, and that I wish I could help more. I would tell him that I cannot oblige him in his request for euthanasia, but would continue to do all that I can to make him as comfortable as possible.

The situation where we cannot relieve the suffering adequately, and for the request for Euthanasia to persist, does come up, though not every day, maybe a a few times every year. What I wrote about one such experience in a blog may make my point clearer.

Also, please look at the news from Western Australia where an MP is speaking on this subject.

Kuttikkoottam (Kids’ Kollective) – Summer Camp for Children

2014 April 15

Pallium India looks after the education of about 380 children who might have been forced to drop out of school/college owing to financial difficulties arising from life-threatening diseases in the family. Every year, we hold a summer camp for these children, mostly organized by our volunteers.

This year, the camp will be held at JMM Study Centre, Nalanchira, Trivandrum, from 1 to 3 May 2014. The event offers a nice blend of learning and fun to the mostly grey lives that these children find themselves in. If you live anywhere near Trivandrum, please email us and drop in one of those days to meet the children.

Our volunteers who organize the event have taken a collection among themselves and raised about Rs. 60,000 (US $ 1000) and find themselves short of about Rs. 75,000 (US S$ 1200 approximately. If anyone would like to help the cause, please go to

If you are making an online donation, the funds will come through Pallium India – USA through Indians for Collective Action.

From the summer camp last year

From the summer camp last year

For a tranquil farewell” – an article by Bindu Nair

2014 April 14

bin_1“When I told my father about his illness, he asked me to just ignore it. He naturally wished to be at home with his family till the end.” Bindu Nair writes in The Hindu Open Page about how her knowledge of palliative care and the suggestion by a considerate doctor helped her make a choice between a painful surgery for her father and allowing him to live the remainder of his life in peace and to die in dignity.

“With the help of some medication he lived with us happily for about two more months. He enjoyed the care given to him and we had the satisfaction of serving him when it was needed.”

You can read the complete article by Bindu Nair.

The Desert rose – An Exhibition by our Patients and Families, in Trivandrum

2014 April 13

Despite odds of nature, the desert rose blooms so beautiful! Come and see another kind of desert rose – an exhibition of creations by patients and their children. There will be paintings as well as other artistic products – most of them by young people who were bed-bound once, who are up on a wheel-chair now and creating these marvels.

The relevance: apart from treating pain and other symptoms and offering physical rehabilitation and psychological support to patients and families, Pallium India also embarks on vocational rehabilitation. Imagine the difference to self-respect it can make, when someone who considered oneself a burden for the family, now creates works of art and earns for the family!

desert roseWe have more than 300 students now receiving educational support from us. In addition, wherever possible we empower patients and family members to earn for the family. We also teach the patients some vocation, so that they can earn for themselves. Many also rediscover their artistic talents.

Please visit the Desert Rose from the 26th to 30th of April, organized in co-operation with Alliance Française.

Date: 26 April to 30 April, 2014
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM
Venue: Alliance Française, Forest Office Lane, Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum

Do please visit and encourage the artists and creators.