At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
Please join us. Your help is needed.

Wheel to Reel

2017 June 20

Being on a wheelchair did not prevent Dr Siju Vijayan from dreaming, or for that matter, from realising his dreams. On 17 June 2017 at the International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala in Kairali theatre at Trivandrum, several of us at Pallium India had the privilege of attending the premiere of his short film, “Wheel to Reel“. The film has been selected under the category “short documentary”.

You might remember that the short film on palliative care, “Lighting up Lives” was also his directorial venture.

The pleasure of attending the event was augmented for many of us because the organisers were empathetic enough to construct a ramp so that the director of “Wheel to Reel” as well as other attendees could wheel themselves in and attend the event. Festival director Kamal, artistic director Bina Paul and executive director Mahesh Panju, we applaud your essential humanity and sensitivity to others’ dignity.

Thank you BharatConnect, for giving visibility to palliative care.

2017 June 20

भारतCONNECT is a social platform that aims to voice out the stories of change-makers who are working throughout India to make lives better. They strive to bridge the gap between Social Enterprises and people looking out for opportunities to get involved through the most powerful medium – Stories.

Thank you, BharatConnect, for giving visibility to our work.

Friends, to see the article of June 17, 2017 by Tanya V. Sharma, please visit

A prayer answered; thank you Dr Aju Mathew

2017 June 16

Pallium India’s information centre frequently receives requests for advise on management, particularly of cancer. Of course we make it clear that we cannot provide treatment online, but still people need to have questions answered. Often their doctors do not have the time or the inclination to provide information. Several busy oncologists, especially and most frequently, Dr M. V. Pillai in the USA, have helped us in the past by going through case histories and offering guidance. But we have always felt guilty about bothering them. Now, Dr Aju Mathew (in the picture) has created a website in Malayalam precisely to provide information on cancer. It includes details of various cancer types, how to treat, issues, side effects and FAQs.

Please visit: Kerala Cancer Care.  You can contact them via or send your queries directly to

Thank you, Dr Aju Mathew. Your hard work of the past two years is now helping reduce suffering from diseases.

To live until the final fall

2017 June 14

“Palliative care has for long been seen as the last resort for terminally-ill cancer patients, a misconception that unfortunately skews public perception, according to Dr Mallika Tiruvadanan, consultant doctor, Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Centre.”

Please read the article on the poor access to palliative care in our country by Gokul Nair in The New Indian Express.

While it is gratifying to see the growing attention of the media on palliative care, it is sad to see that most of the time we have only bad news to convey – that there is so little palliative care in the country. So much needless suffering!

Pallium India honored!

2017 June 12

Sandeepani Sewa Samiti at Kaladi, Trivandrum, honored Dr M. R. Rajagopal, Chairman of Pallium India, with their 2nd annual award. We expect that the involvement of this humane organisation will significantly reduce health-related suffering in their locality. And the purse that came with the award, as usual, goes towards patient care.

Thank you for the recognition, compassionate friends at Sandeepani Sewa Samiti.