At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
Please join us. Your help is needed.

DeCARE Logo unveiled

2018 February 15

The logo of DeCARE was unveiled at College of Engineering, Trivandrum on 14th February, 2018.

DeCARE is a technical initiative launched by National Service Scheme of College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET) in association with Engineers’ Crew for Society and Environment (ENCRESE) and Pallium India. DeCARE aims to identify several requirements of differently-abled people and try to fulfil those needs with the help of technology.

Pazhampori, anyone? Or pickles?

2018 February 12

Pallium India’s staff and volunteers organized a food festival in Ernst & Young, Kinfra Park, Trivandrum on Feb 9, 2018, to raise funds for Kuttikoottam summer camp (summer camp for children of our patients).

Pallium India provides financial support towards the education of our patients’ children. Read more about Kuttikkoottam, our program that currently supports over 300 children, and how you can help:

Annual conference of IAPC (Kerala) volunteers at Muhamma, Kerala

2018 February 7

The two day annual event on 3, 4 February 2018 was a grand success. You can see how full the hall was. The whole town emerged in the afternoon to take out a procession leading to the venue.

There were a lot of novelties. A basket of freshly cut organic vegetables replaced the traditional bouquet of flowers.

Two ministers – Dr Thomas Isac and Shri Thilothaman – stayed for several hours. The power of the community was made visible. Congratulations to the organisers at Muhamma and to Narayanan Puthukkudy, the general secretary of IAPC, Kerala.

What is the ideal therapeutic distance?

2018 February 5

How close can a health professional get to a patient?

Opinions may vary regarding the ideal therapeutic distance; but we have only respect for Dany Shaji, a medical social worker in New Zealand, who got married to Tania Kurian on 3 February 2018 at Changanacherry. He made sure that some of his former “clients” who needed a wheelchair for their mobility attended the wedding. Suresh and Ratheesh have paraplegia and became friends with Dany when he used to work in Pallium India. They traveled some 130 km to be best men at the wedding.

You should have seen how bright their eyes were!

Some learning, fun and a touch of Jimikki Kammal!

2018 January 31

Dr Ann Broderick writes about this year’s ‘India Winterim’ program wherein students from University of Iowa visit Pallium India, Trivandrum, for three weeks. 

This year a record number of students and professors from the University of Iowa joined Pallium India/TIPS. In a new twist, the students and professors worked on projects identified by Pallium India staff instead of spending time in the classroom.

One group of students led by Dr. Ann Broderick interviewed (with Palllium India volunteers serving as interpreters) 24 of the 30 vocational rehabilitation patients to determine how to improve the training services provided. Another group led by Dr. Kashelle Lockman reviewed national and regional recommendations for antibiotics for different infections and designed a form to facilitate appropriate use of antibiotics. They also designed a data collection form to see how Pallium India clinicians use antibiotics currently. A third group, led by Dr. Stephanie Gilbertson-White designed interventions to reduce the risk of pressure sores with teaching materials for families, and fun demonstrations with the inpatient and home care nurses.

TEAM IOWA worked hard, and still found time to run in a 2K and 10K race with Pallium India t-shirts, go trekking to Ponmudi, and learn a dance move or two to Jimikki Kammal.

Students of University of Iowa at the Trivandrum Run on January 13, wearing Tshirts asking people to “Ask Me About Pallium India”