At this moment, over a million people in India are in unimaginable pain. We refuse to look the other way. We choose to hear the cry, and to do what we can.
Please join us. Your help is needed.

Congratulations, Dr Ekbal, and Thank you for supporting us.

2014 October 20

Dr B. Ekbal is a social luminary, thinker and former Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University. He recently got a prestigious award – Thiruvallam N. Achuthan Nair Foundation award. He divided the award money between different charities and we are proud to say that he donated one share to Pallium India’s educational activities.

Thank you, Dr. Ekbal. Very well-deserved award, and a huge support for us.


Dr Ekbal

Walkathon at Trivandrum in support of Palliative Care

2014 October 19

WalkathonAt 9 AM on October 14, Kanakakkunnu Palace at Trivandrum began to fill with youth in white T-shirts, carrying the message “Who Cares? We Do!” They were students from different schools in Trivandrum who had gathered to participate in the Walkathon, organised by Alpha Palliative Care, Thrissur, and Pallium India. The event was organized in association with this year’s World Palliative Care Day. The initiative by K. M. Nooruddin and team of Alpha Palliative Care was aimed at spreading the message of palliative care across Kerala.

Kerala’s Health Minister, Shri V.S.Sivakumar, Education Minister Shri P. K. Abdu Rabb, N.H.M District Project Manager Dr Unnikrishnan and many others were present at the occasion. Shri Nooruddin read out the pledge to everyone present.

35 auto drivers from Medical College area were also part of the event under the leadership of Mr Manmathan and Mr Manikantan. These remarkable human beings had taken an oath that they will help any helpless or sick person that they come across by the roadside and that they will never ignore those who need their assistance, even though this might mean digging into their own pockets to help others.

Pallium India is fortunate to have been a part of this event. We hope that the message will reach every corner of Kerala and people will rise to provide a helping hand to those in need.

End of Life care is still an unknown among doctors

2014 October 14

A report in The Times of India dated October 11 says:

A multi-centric study initiated by the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences –including Lucknow as a centre — revealed that seven out of 10 doctors dealing with terminally ill patients were not aware of hospice and palliative care. And so, they were not referring their patients for end-of-life care options. However, in western countries, as soon as a person is diagnosed with a life-limiting disease, the patient is attached with a hospice.

(Read the complete article: End-of-life care facility in UP soon, but no policy yet )

The fact that 70% of doctors are not aware of this in North India does not come as a surprise to us. This is the big task before us; to improve awareness. The question remains: what is the perception of the other 3 out of every 10, who are aware of palliative care? How close is their understanding to the reality? Much too often, there are major misconceptions.


What makes them do it?

2014 October 13

Why should somebody as busy as the very popular music director and singer, M. Jayachandran, a television presence like Rimi Tomy or any of the very talented and busy musicians give up a whole day for palliative care?

On October 11, all these artistes and many others performed in support of palliative care at ‘Sangeetha Sandhya’, a musical event organized by Pallium India to commemorate World Palliative Care Day.

Sangeetha Sandhya


M. Jayachandran has always supported palliative care and this is the third time he has organized such events on World Palliative Care Day. All the musicians who participated in the event volunteered their services pro bono and played to a packed hall.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness among people so that pain relief and palliative care will reach each one of the needy in our country.The media partner for Sangeetha Sandhya was Mathrubhumi. Mathrubhumi News channel ran streamers on the event and media in general carried the story prominently.

M. Jayachandran, the 14 musicians who volunteered their time, the media that supported it – all show how warmly Kerala embraces palliative care. They give the answer to the question in this year’s theme of the world palliative care day – Who cares? They proclaim, “WE DO”.

Print and Visual media in Trivandrum take Palliative Care to their hearts

2014 October 13

We really had a heartwarming Palliative Care Day at Trivandrum. The media made our day. Two articles appeared in the editorial pages of two very popular Malayalam newspapers, Kerala Kaumudi and Mathrubhumi. In Kerala Kaumudi, the author describes his own journey as a medical student who is systematically forced into an emotional detachment from human suffering, palliative care helping him to overcome that, and why palliative care education is essential for all medical and nursing students.

In the article in Mathrubhumi, he apologises to the many people in Kerala who still die in pain, despite twenty years of palliative care activity and despite a state palliative care policy. He urges everyone to give voice to the voiceless.

Later on in the morning, the Trivandrum Press Club, under the leadership of its President, Mr. P. P. James, organized a Meet The Press program where Dr Rajagopal got the opportunity to interact with an audience of about 40 (including journalists and journalism students). The fifteen minutes that were set aside for follow-up turned into one full hour of discussion. The enthusiasm in the group was palpable. While concluding the session, Mr James asked the group whether anyone was willing to undergo a 2-day volunteers training program offered by Pallium India. About twenty hands shot up. What a gratifying day! We believe journalists are some of the most important people for purpose of advocacy, which is perhaps the greatest need in the next few years.

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