Published on: March 1, 2024

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International Excellence awards presented at IAPCON 2024

Cancer Aid Society’s International Awards for Excellence were presented to Dr Sunilkumar M. M., Ms Anu Thelly and Mr Mujeeb Kuttamassery at the International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPCON2024) at Ahmedabad. 

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Bruce Davis Gold Medal awarded to Dr Pallavi Ghosh

Dr. Pallavi Ghosh, 2nd year DNB resident Palliative Medicine, BIACHRI, Hyderabad received the much-valued Bruce Davis gold medal from Dr Sushma Bhatnagar, the president of IAPC.

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Foundation Course for Kerala University of Health Sciences

As the first step towards integration of Palliative care in to the Medical curriculum, a Foundation Course in Palliative Medicine was launched exclusively for the faculty members of Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), by Pallium India.

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Pallium India Contributes to a Collaborative Future

The 1st International Patient Summit, held on December 11-12, 2023, in New Delhi, India, marked a significant step towards empowering patients and fostering a more inclusive healthcare landscape. 

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V Care Foundation Honors Dr. Rajagopal with Sena Award

V Care Foundation awarded Dr. M R Rajagopal (Chairman Emeritus, Pallium India) with the prestigious ‘Sena Award’ for his relentless commitment to working with cancer patients. 

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Video of the Month
Palliative Care: YOU Are a BRIDGE

This video animation compares palliative care to the foundation of a bridge. While illness may weaken the foundation, the palliative care team provides a stronger layer of support.

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A Reflection on the 8th National Consultation on Non-Communicable Diseases

The 8th National Consultation on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), held on February 1-2, 2024, in New Delhi, India, served as a critical platform for advancing the cause of people living with NCDs. 

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Addressing Opioid Availability in Tamil Nadu

Pallium India and its partners in Tamil Nadu recently organized a workshop in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu State Drug Controller’s office. 

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Pain & Palliative Care Wing at SVIMS Tirupathi

Over a year ago, on the eve of World Cancer Day, 2023, the Pain & Palliative Care Wing (PPW) at SVIMS-SPMC, Tirupathi, was inaugurated by the honourable collector of Tirupathi. 

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Patients and families from anywhere in India can call Pallium India’s Telehealth helpline. Health care professionals who need advice on palliative care or pain management can call our numbers.

The service is FREE and available in EnglishHindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

Our lines are open from Monday to Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 4pm

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Pallium India maintains a state-wise directory of institutions offering palliative care services in India. The list includes palliative care providers from community-based organisations to tertiary care institutions and cancer care centers. 

The directory covers critical information like contact details including phone numbers and email addresses, availability of In-patient, Out-patient and home care services, availability of morphine, etc.

If anyone you know needs palliative care support, our directory will help you find the centre closest to you. Do take a look at Pallium India’s Palliative Care Directory and let us know (Email: or Contact us) if any centre near you is missing.

“Personally, the most important book that I will recommend to anyone. These stories are not life changing lessons only for  healthcare professionals but for all of us- to be able to choose what is right for the dying one- at that inevitable situation – and not what is right for us/doctors/society.

If we can play even a small role to mitigate pain of someone , we are definitely performing the most noble role of human existence and if someone can mitigate our pain and protect our dignity at death, they are the God that we have been seeking all our lives.” – Arthi, on Facebook.

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Pallium India at IAPCON 2024, Ahmedabad

Events / Trainings / Conferences
Certificate Course at Trivandrum

We invite doctors and nurses to join this six weeks certificate course in pain management and palliative care, at Trivandrum.

The participants will get to take an active part in Pallium India’s inpatientout patient and home visit programs, as well as in events and celebrations at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Doctors: MBBS or BDS 

Nurses: Any recognised degree or certificate in nursing 

Start Date: 4 March 2024 (Monday)

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Foundation Course in Palliative Medicine (Online)


MBBS or BDS, with permanent registration with medical / dental council.

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2024 Palliative Care Congress

The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) host the Palliative Care Congress on an annual basis. PCC events attract over 500 delegates from around the world from a diverse multidisciplinary background.

21 – 22 March, 2024


For more information about the Congress, visit

Essentials of Palliative Medicine for Pulmonologists

This training program focusses on integrating the principles of palliative care into Pulmonology practice, with special focus on Chronic Lung Diseases.


Pulmonologists, Residents in Pulmonology

Start Date: 18 April 2024 (Thursday)

Read more and register here

Transforming Palliative Care with Technology

Explore how telehealth, electronic health records, virtual support groups, and mobile apps are enhancing palliative care accessibility. Join the conversation – share your thoughts on potential technologies to benefit patients, caregivers, and providers.


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(By Vandana Mahajan)

He told me ‘ do not be sad that I am dying’ ..
But he said I am sad they will say I lost the battle!
Will you tell the world how strong I was….
How hard I tried…
How deeply I loved …
How I led a full life…
Will you tell them that I didn’t die because I gave up….
I died because the cancer got the better of me….
I am not a loser …
But the world makes me feel so..
I feel bad…
So I am sad…!
I said ‘ I am sad that you are dying but…
I will remember you as the bravest soul I knew…
I will tell the world how incredibly you lived….
For me you will always be a HERO….
So sleep easy I am here….
I will tell the world your story…
A story of guts, greatness and glory!

(Vandana Mahajan is a Palliative care counsellor with over ten years’ experience in counselling and providing psychological support to cancer patients and their families, and a dear friend of Pallium India’s.)

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