Training the Trainers – We are increasing capacity!

2016 June 27

In a bid to increase the capacity for advocacy and training in palliative care, Pallium India organized a “training of trainers” program in Delhi for a dozen “middle-level” palliative care champions in the country.

Over the three days, the focus was on empowering the participants on how to facilitate learning, because we see all of them as not only clinicians, but also teachers – for students, for fellow-professionals, and for the public at large. The group also spent a lot of time understanding the current status of the National Program in Palliative Care and the Amendment of the Narcotics Act of India. The group brainstormed on our way forward.

We had done a similar exercise in Trivandrum last year, and the success was phenomenal. One of the participants of the last year’s training, Dr Seema Kunikullaya Rao, was one of the faculty members this time. She was joined by Dr Sushma Bhatnagar from AIIMS, Delhi, Dr Nandini Vallath and Dr M. R. Rajagopal.


Three participants demonstrating role play as a teaching tool – Dr. Parul Prinja as the doctor, Dr Kumar Abhishek as the son and Professor Parveen Kumar as the husband of a patient.

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  1. Vasanthi Vasudev permalink
    July 7, 2016

    Would like to be associated with Palliative care in some way . Am 60 years old, healthy, educated ( am a educationist of 30 years standing )and have some time on my hands.
    Is there a way forward?

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