Spotlight on Indians for Collective Action (ICA)

2012 November 10
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A remarkable organization in the Bay Area, California has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Group lets Indian professionals pitch in

It’s a professional organization that’s been in existence for 43 years and has made $5 million in charitable grants, but ICA – Indians for Collective Action – is still pretty much an unknown in the Bay Area, its former president says.

But that may be changing as more young professionals decide to get involved.

“Nowadays you see so many young people who want to make an impact, who want to reconnect with their South Asian roots after being brought up in the Bay Area,” says Bhupen Mehta. “But changing the mind-set of older people, people in my age group, to give back has been much harder.”

That concept of service is at the core of ICA – an association of Bay Area professionals who have established careers in technology and business but want to make a social impact, too.

So they gather monthly to assess social projects, primarily in India, in need of funding and support. Among the projects the group has helped support are women’s empowerment communities, low-cost prosthetics units, annual health camps and care for senior citizens.

Read the full article at SF Gate…

ICA has been helping Pallium India (USA) since its inception. Thank you ICA.

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