Published on: November 10, 2010

We are happy to announce that the October issue of SAHAYATRA, our monthly Malayalam newsletter, is now available for download here…

One response to “October 2010 Issue of Sahayatra Malayalam Newsletter”

  1. mayajayan says:

    Always look forward to reading sahayatra…introduction of pain as the fifth vital sign is something new for me….in military hospitals checking the vital signs is much more frequent,i think,because when my daughter was admitted there she used to be bugged everytime a nurse came in with a thermometer..then what about pain?introduction of pain as the fifth viatal sign is something new to me…but can pain be measured?if so,isn’t the extent of bearing pain different for different people?
    Be it a handicap or anything else,whether a male or female is the affected person changes the equation a lot and the article on the starsinger contestant is testimony to that.And i was touched by the line palliative care is not only for people who are close to their death….a lot is being said in this single line…..kudos once again to all those involved in this noble effort…godbless