Published on: April 1, 2010
Self support group for the bereaved at Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences-

Self-Support Group at TIPS

Pallium India is proud to announce a new Self-Support Group for Bereaved Family Members at Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS).

Here are just a couple of the numerous responses that participants at our newly forming self-support group came up with:

“It is three months since my husband is gone.  Your team visited us once, true.  But I have been so lonely all this time.  The loneliness was frightening….”

“It is four months since my mother died. My wife had not had a good relationship with her own mother.  But my mother gave her love and she has been so totally dependent on my mother. She has been inconsolable and sometimes I think she behaves abnormally.  I did not know where to turn for help.  Today, all of a sudden I feel some hope.  May be I can bring my wife over here.”

Several doubts were expressed too…

  • Would not the needs be different between people?
  • Based on age, educational standard or social problems encountered and so on?
  • Should there be different groups for different categories?

All the questions were not answered, but there certainly was consensus that the group should meet again.

We have always felt guilty about not doing enough for the bereaved.

May be now we can do better.  We need your good wishes.

One response to “Self-Support Group for the Bereaved”

  1. Thresiamma Francis says:

    Every individual and every family has got problems, needs,necessities and requirements of their own as special to them.. To share the same and to help them to help themselves require that much of closeness and intimacy.

    All the factors mentioned above are required to be taken into account in such situations. Sir what you are doing for the sake of such patients and families are really commendable still you feel guilty. Then people like me are not doing any such things with the health and well-being almighty God has showered upon us. I am willing to do whatever I can as a part of the palliative care activities.All my best wishes and support for your activities