Published on: February 11, 2022

Manisha Mary Marshal, Social officer, Pallium India, writes:

On World Cancer Day, 4th of February, 2022, Pallium India joined hands with the Australia-based film production house, Moonshine Agency, to screen their documentary Conquering Cancer. Pallium India has had previous association with the Moonshine Agency especially during the creation of the feature film “Hippocratic” which emphasizes the importance of access to palliative care, social justice and equitable healthcare. 

The movie “Conquering Cancer” is an effort to eliminate cervical cancer in every country as the burden of suffering due to cervical cancer specifically in low and middle income countries is so huge. Click here to know more about the Conquering Cancer Campaign.

The event started at 5:30 PM with Pallium India’s anthem, followed by an introduction by Dr. M R Rajagopal (Chairman – Pallium India). There was a recorded video of greetings from the film makers, Mike Hill and Sue Collins of Moonshine Agency, after which the movie was screened. The film was viewed by audiences from different parts of the world.

Conquering Cancer shed light on the various aspects of cervical cancer, featuring people with lived experiences from around the world as well as doctors and others. It stressed the importance of effective vaccinations that can prevent cervical cancer and of early screening.

In the post-movie conversation moderated by Ms. Smriti Rana (Head of Strategic Programs and Partnerships – Pallium India), the panelists, Dr. Aju Mathew (Medical Oncologist, Hematologist – MOSC Medical Mission Hospital) and Dr. Sunil Kumar M M (Palliative Care Physician, Additional Director, TIPS, Pallium India) emphasized the importance of integrating Palliative Care in Cancer care. 

“While the prevention of cervical cancer and vaccinations certainly need to be more effectively implemented and scaled up, we cannot ignore the large numbers already afflicted. In addressing the social suffering of women with cervical cancer, we need to address not just the prevention, but also the management of this suffering, through adequate palliative care”. The panelists also answered various questions raised by the audience. 

Smriti Rana, in her closing comments, reminded everyone that “cancer shouldn’t just be spoken about for one day”.

Smriti also invited everyone to join an upcoming webinar on cervical cancer that would be conducted on Women’s Day, 8th of March, 2022, where more questions on the topic would be addressed. 

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