Published on: January 25, 2022

A silent revolution is on its way.

You might remember that the National Health Policy of 2017 included palliative care. The National Health System Resource Centre (NHSRC) of Government of India, in a massive fast-pace effort has created training materials to reach 50,000 family wellness centres at the national level. According to the plan, at least three professional healthcare providers from each of these places will be trained resulting in a massive empowerment programme for 150,000 of them.

In addition to these training manuals, the docket also includes educational videos, each of an average of five minutes duration. 

Thank you NHSRC and the Ministry of Health of Government of India for allowing Pallium India to work with you. And we are grateful for the large number of experts in palliative care and geriatrics who came forward to make this happen at lightning speed.

Here are the links to these training manuals:

Training Manual on Palliative Care for ASHA

Training Manual on Palliative Care for Community Health Officer

Training Manual on Palliative Care for Medical Officer

Training Manual on Palliative Care for Multipurpose Worker

Training Manual on Palliative Care for Staff Nurse

Operational Guidelines for Palliative Care at Health and Wellness Centres

4 responses to “New training manuals for a palliative care revolution in India”

  1. Satish Kalra says:

    Great initiative

  2. Obangjungla says:

    It will be very helpful tools.

  3. Maheswari Jaganathan says:

    The Palliative Care Manuals are well organized and prepared to suit healthcare service providers at different level.
    Well thought, inclusive, highlights the importance of roles in reducing the gap palliative care service delivery.

  4. Pradeep Kulkarni says:

    Excellent efforts
    Ad always leading from front. Thanks.