Published on: August 5, 2021

We enjoyed hosting Dr Jerard M. Selvam, Additional Director of National Health Mission (NHM), Tamil Nadu, at our headquarters in Trivandrum on 17 July 2021. His visit paved the way for realistic planning.

We discussed our palliative care delivery in Trivandrum and the potential advantages that Tamil Nadu has in making integration of palliative care into healthcare a reality.

A batch of about 100 doctors has already started a foundation course with us. Approximately 300 more will follow.

One response to “Thank you, Dr Jerard M. Selvam and NHM Tamilnadu”

  1. Dr.S.sathiya Babu says:

    It is really a very good effort on Tamil Nadu chapter, the movement expanded in Tamil Nadu would be very good in the health care system.
    However, still it needs to be percolate in grassroots level and make this a community based palliative care movement. Since, if someone knows about need and meaning of palliative care. He will not do injustice to the community in the name of health.
    The whole Kerala people are changed in the values because of service and know the meaning of Palliative. They understand that anytime / any day it may happen to anyone. This compassionate required for everyone in some time in their life time.
    Thanks to Dr Jerard M. Selvam, Additional Director of National Health Mission (NHM), Tamil Nadu