Published on: March 31, 2021

On the 27th of March, we concluded the first season of the Certificate Course in Palliative Care, in collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI).

It was attended by 66 doctors from across the country, almost all of whom had no prior exposure to Palliative Care. The course was designed and delivered by Palliative Care experts from around the country.

The level of interaction and engagement, the deeply insightful questions posed, the enthusiasm expressed to learn more, to incorporate these approaches in their own specialities and to even start services are a testament to the value of the program.

The final module was on End of Life Care, Grief and Bereavement, bringing to a close 6 weeks of sessions.

When asked “why should Palliative Care be a part of your practice?”, the participants’ responses not only reflected what they had so keenly learnt, but also demonstrated their deeply humane and compassionate perspectives.

Our next series will commence in August. Watch this space for more information!

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