Published on: January 29, 2021

“My spinal cord injury received everyone’s attention”, says Ashla Rani, Pallium India’s trustee, about the specialized treatment she received following her accident in 2010. But, she adds, “Ashla as a person was ignored except for some rare occasions when a junior doctor or physiotherapist asked about my job and encouraged me to get back to it.”

Years later, she found Pallium India. She says, “Palliative care ensured that both my mother and I are given importance. [..] It gave me a purpose to live. In my view, living really means not only being given comfort, but also being able to contribute to the family and to the society. In palliative care, I am given that opportunity. Here and now, I enjoy life.”

Ashla is featured in the 2nd edition of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care, launched in October 2020.

The Global Atlas of Palliative Care is a source of essential information on the status of palliative care worldwide. This is the second edition of the Global Atlas (the first edition was published in 2014): Global Atlas of Palliative Care, 2nd Ed 2020

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    Wow! Ashla. We are so proud of you for your contribution to the success of palliative care and for being a beacon of hope and a great inspiration and motivator not only for people suffering from disabilities and other illnesses but also for able bodied persons.