Published on: August 29, 2020

Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Professor – Community Medicine, Pramukh Swami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat writes:

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world in ways that none could have imagined. It has devastated the life of billions and brought the health system to its knees in most societies. It has however, also brought into focus the need for person-centered care, and to think beyond just physical issues. This change is also reflected in the changing scenario of medical education in India.

Some competencies of Palliative care were addressed by the Attitude Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) module and some changes in competencies related to other subjects earlier. Recently, the Medical Council of India (MCI) launched a Pandemic Management Module for Undergraduates. Palliative care has found its rightful place in the module. It is included as a separate section [Module 4.6 pg69-71] and 4 hours in the final phase of MBBS have been dedicated to it. The module presents the case of critically sick gentleman, who has run out of all treatment options and the focus is now shifted to providing palliative care to the patient and family. There is provision for 2 hours of interactive lectures followed by role-play and a debriefing session. Though still grossly inadequate, it is a good beginning. It also provides a window of opportunity to sensitize the new generation of physicians.

2 responses to “Medical Council of India recognizes role of Palliative Care in Pandemics”

  1. Pranab Basu says:

    Better late than never. Heartfelt congratulations on inclusion of Palliative care in the module, a need of the patients in total pain management providing comfort to the patients specially the end of life care. If palliative care begins at the diagnosis the patients with life-threatening diseases will have better quality of life .


    Please may I know where will I get the syllabus for MBBS students that has Palliative care as a part of its curriculum. So that I can use it as a reference for my dissertation