Published on: July 2, 2020
K. Vijayakumaran Nair

About 14 years back, in the early days of Pallium India in Trivandrum, we had the occasion to treat Ms Rajeswary for advanced cancer with pain. From her sick-bed she continued to look after her philanthropic activities.

The day after her death, her husband Mr Vijayakumaran Nair got “Rajeswari Foundation” registered, primarily as a palliative care institution, but also providing primary care to the people in the locality. It grew to a successful institution providing inpatient care and long term care later.

It was Pallium India’s privilege to be Rajeswari Foundation’s fellow-traveler.

At 1.30 AM on 02 July 2020, Vijayakumaran Nair succumbed to advanced cancer with only weeks between diagnosis and demise. Our condolences to his daughters Malini and Shalini and to their families.

One response to “Obituary”

  1. k govindan kutty says:

    last time we met was at lunch with his team after the passing of someone in their care during her last days. i have felt he always found it hard to say no to any request for help. an absurd thought that lingers is that he left without quite using the service his institution purveyed to so many souls.