Published on: February 24, 2020

A group of thirteen young people got together at the time of the floods in Kerala of 2019 to do what they could to help. And they rendered phenomenal service.

Perhaps, then they realized their own power to make changes in other people’s lives. The group continues as ‘Sign of Nest’ and looks for and looks around to see who needs help the most.

They found that people with some disabilities are unable to write for themselves at examinations and needs scribes. The regulations would have several restrictions, like the scribe has to be younger than the examinee. And often it is not easy to find a scribe who offers help and is available when needed. These youngsters are offering themselves as scribes and are running a campaign for recruiting more young people as scribes.

During an event in Trivandrum on 20th of February 2020, the “Sign of Nest” honored Pallium India’s Ashla Rani along with Krishnakumar P, Rajaneesh S.S and Chandrikamma S. The plaque given to Ashla says “we offer a thousand roses of love and respect to Ashla Rani M.P who proves to the society that physical disability is not a barrier to performing good deeds for the needy.”

Proud of you, Ashla. Respects to you, members of Sign of Nest.

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  1. Jibu says:

    Such a great initiative. Wish u great sucess. Keep going…