Published on: January 31, 2020

Golden butterflies in Chennai demonstrate how 1+1 can be 3. They work with institutions and other non-government organizations (NGOs) to infuse heart into medicine.

Pallium India had the privilege to be part of an event in Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, Nungambakkam, Chennai where Golden Butterflies brought together doctors of eminence as well as trainees and other staff for a discussion on palliative care. The discussions included pain management, social support and end of life care. In addition to the presentation by Pallium India, Dr. Revathi Raj of Apollo Cancer, Dr. Julius Scott of Paediatric Oncology Department, of SRMC, Dr. Rejiv Rajendranath of Intergrated Cancer Care and Dr. Arathi Srinivasan spoke.

When remembering the resistance that palliative care met with in the 1990s, this acceptance of palliative care by the larger medical community was indeed heart-warming.

Later, we also visited RMD palliative care centre run by Dr Republica Sreedhar and team, with whom Golden Butterflies is collaborating to set up a cheerful room for children needing inpatient palliative care.

2 responses to “Golden butterflies spread their wings: Collaboration is the key”

  1. Hemal says:

    Dr. Rajagopal was truly inspirational. During the interactions, we felt revived and rededicated ourselves to palliative care.

  2. Pranab Kumar Basu says:

    Hats off to Golden Butterfly Foundation and Pallium India for the heart-felt discussion on Palliative Care and pain management to provide better quality of life to the patients with life-threatening illness , to comfort, care beyond care , the advocacy of the palliative care is a need of the society. The renowned doctors spoke on the need of palliative care, Dr Rajagopal spoke eloquently on the role of Palliative Care , the different spheres: physical, mental, social and spiritual agony are alleviated. I feel myself fortunate to be one of the participants in the session , deserving value.