Published on: December 11, 2019

It is only a few months since Pallium India requested a revision of Kerala’s Palliative care policy. Thanks to the special interest taken by the honourable health minister Smt. Shailaja Teacher and the principal Secretary (health) of government of Kerala Dr Rajan Khobragade, and the able leadership of Shri S M Vijay Anand IAS, (former chief secretary of Kerala who chaired the committee), things moved fast and to coincide with Universal health coverage day, 12 December 2019, the state has a revised policy. This was done after a thorough review of the Policy document first created in 2008, analysing the gaps and including the measures to fill them.

The theme of universal health coverage day says “Keep the promise”.

Kerala government did precisely that.

Thank you, honourable health minister Smt. Shailaja Teacher and Dr Rajan Khobragade.

You can read the Kerala state palliative care policy document here; but in addition we attach, a list of major changes in the document from the 2008 policy. Thank you Ms Shriya Singh, resource mobilization manager in Pallium India for creating this list.

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