Published on: August 13, 2018

The documentary film “Hippocratic: 18 Experiments in Gently Shaking the World” was screened in Karamsad and Ahmedabad, Gujarat on July 7 and on July 8, 2018 respectively.

The screening at Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad, was followed by an interaction session with Dr M. R. Rajagopal. Dr Bhalendu Vaishnav (HoD, Medicine), Dr Alpa Patel (HoD, Anesthesia & Pain and Palliative Care Services) and Dr Priyanaka Srivastava (Consultant Oncologist) were the other panelists who interacted with the audience. The panel discussion was co-ordinated by Dr Uday Shankar Singh (HoD, Community Medicine). About 140 participants participated in the event, including staff and students of the institute, volunteers, community members and healthcare providers from other institutes.

This event was preceded by two screening sessions for students from medical, nursing and physiotherapy, and were attended by around 150 students.

Our congratulations and gratitude to Dr Dinesh for organizing these events.

In Ahmedabad, the screening was organised on July 8, 2018 by The Gujarat Cancer Society, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Center.

The program was attended by caregivers, patients, medical students and palliative care supporters. There was a question-answer session, following the screening of the film. Eminent oncologists participated in the discussion. It was a great opportunity for palliative care physicians of Gujarat to meet pioneers like Dr M T Bhatia and Dr M R Rajagopal.

Kudos to Dr Geeta Joshi, Dr Priti Sanghavi and team, who worked hard to organize the event and for making it a grand success.

5 responses to ““Hippocratic” screened in Gujarat”

  1. Shashwat says:

    It is wonderful to see such sessions taking place. This will help a lot of people to stay informed and healthy. Kudos to the team and their efforts.

  2. Dr Bhavna Patel says:

    It was a wonderful event. Got a very good response from faculties from all over the state. Thanks for a great support from administration, seniors and and colleagues for making it successful.
    Awareness towards Palliative care is increased after watching this movie. Wehave come to know many aspects of development of Palliative care in India.

  3. Rashmin Sanghavi says:

    Its a noble work for mankind who is going to die but having a least miserable and peacful end stage . V recognised the humaterian approach by sir without any hesitnace . He devotes his life for pts and closest of pt by pycological aswell as economical modes of treatment at door to door steps in his life
    I pray god have a more humaterian dr like RAJ TO NATION
    Itwas a well organised event at ahmedabad (GCRI) with great depth of sympathy and courage for a pt and family members. Even Doctors and highly educated people recognised the nessecityof palliative care for cancer and terminally sick patient.
    I wish government and More NGO should take over responsiblity for nation task.

  4. Priti Sanghavi says:

    It was great event.
    Film is very inspirational.
    It has created lots of aweness about the holistic aspect of medical care.
    Thanks to every one for all support.

  5. Dr Chetana says:

    It was great and wonderful event. It is a to mankind. It will creat awareness in people regarding palliative care.