Published on: November 25, 2017

Thanks to Ms Phuntsho Om and Ms Tara Devi, who took the initiative to find us and to come to us for a six weeks course in Trivandrum in 2016, palliative care is growing roots in Bhutan. Not only did they start a palliative care service after their return to Thimphu; they got the support of the administration leading to training of several more professionals.

Thank you, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), for organising a three-day workshop on palliative care on 15-17 November 2017 and for the opportunity given to Pallium India to be part of it. Congratulations Vanessa Eaton and Vanessa Sarchet for the excellent organization, and Anna Antonowich, Dr Habib Ghaddar, Dr Cynthia Goh and Dr Pendharkar and others who joined the faculty to provide an academic feast.

Last but not least, let us express our admiration for the exceptional audience. The organisers had hoped for about 60 participants; but more than 85 turned up. The enthusiasm was palpable and the whole program, very interactive.

Dear friends in Bhutan, we look forward to working with you to make sure that palliative care service reaches all who need it.

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  1. Anna Antonowich, MSN, FNP-BC,OCN says:

    It was an honor and a pleasure to assist with the Bhutan Palliative Care Program.
    Best wishes to the Palliative Care team in Bhutan!

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