Published on: September 28, 2017

We hear with a sense of shock that manufacturing of morphine in the Government Opium and Alkaloid Works – currently the only possible source of raw morphine powder in the country – has stopped in the only two factories in Neemuch and Ghazipur. We hear that the pollution control board has ordered the factories to close. Soon, even in those places where morphine was available so far, there will be no stock.

And worse, no solution seems to be in sight. We hear that there are discussions about importing morphine powder; but even if that decision is arrived at, how long will the process take? And how expensive will morphine become?

Who will tell this mother that it is all over and that she will have to go back to feeling the red-hot iron pushed into her bones?

Any suggestions, anyone?

2 responses to “Looming crisis in India: opioid access is challenged!”

  1. Renjani K says:

    How sad. India being a large pharmaceutical manufacturer itself, why cant we find a solution.At least in government cancer centres why cant we think of starting manufacturing units.

  2. John Haberecht says:

    Tragic! What reason did the pollution control board give for shutting down the factories and is there no appeal avenue?