Published on: September 15, 2017

There is often a lot of talk about healthcare ignoring the human being. A lot of talk; but usually little action.

In a major step towards improving this situation, Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) now establishes a University Centre with the potential to focus on human suffering and on information needs rather than just diseases.

KUHS becomes the first university in India not only to integrate palliative care into its undergraduate medical curriculum, but also to establish a centre dedicated to health care counseling and palliative care.

We congratulate and thank Dr MKC Nair, the Vice Chancellor of KUHS and his team for this timely action, modeling the way for health education in India.

The palliative care fraternity in Kerala now has the opportunity and responsibility to assist KUHS in implementation of this imaginative programme.

One response to “KUHS establishes Centre for Studies on Health Care Counseling and Palliative care”

  1. Sumitha says:

    Congratulations KUHS,Dr.MKC Nair sir.