Published on: May 12, 2017

Sumitha.T.S, Pallium India’s project executive writes: 

“Doctors carry bags of medicines and supplies to patients homes! They talk to the patient on matters other than the disease and medicines! They interact freely with the families, with the nurses and other staff!”

“Volunteers from the community are actively engaged in patient care; they get no payment at all except for the satisfaction of helping others.”

“The concept of ‘Care beyond cure’ is most appealing!”

“It works. The empathetic approach does keep away the patient’s pain and other related suffering”.

“There is such a friendly atmosphere between the team members. They are passionate in promoting palliative care.”

More than half of India’s population is below thirty-five. Grooming them into change makers through Gandhi Fellowship program is one of the most appreciable works undertaken by both Kaivalya Education Foundation and Piramal Foundation. We at Pallium India became energized by spending two productive days with ten Gandhi Fellows from different parts of our country. They were introduced to our activities – outpatient service, inpatient care, home visits and some of our national projects. In the end, we were very excited to hear their feedback, some of which are given above.

Many of them were hearing about palliative care and Pallium India for the first time. Some of them believed palliative care was meant only for elderly. There were other common misconceptions as well, among them. But after reaching here, seeing our work, those myths were dispelled. They confessed to being inspired by seeing palliative care in action.

Their wonderful suggestions are also important to us as an organization looking for higher standards in healthcare. They are:

  • Digitalization of data, including the entries made during home visits.
  • Avail of the use of modern equipment, for example, use digital blood pressure monitoring apparatus rather than mercury sphygmomanometer. This could save time and energy.
  • Initiate marketing strategies through various websites so as to reach many minds.
  • Extend effectively to other states through government or other well-wisher’s participation.
  • Improve emergency service.

Precious suggestions; thank you dear Gandhi Fellows. Help us to achieve them. While winding up the two days, it seems obvious to us; the two days have made you “Gandhi Fellows for Palliative Care”.

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