Published on: May 15, 2017

Our colleague, nurse Khafi in Lakshadweep, was one of the proud recipients of this year’s Florence Nightingale award of Government of India. Khafi received the award from the President of India on 12 May 2017.

The palliative care service at Lakshadweep has been a matter of huge pride for Pallium India. It has truly been a privilege to work with the founder Maulana and to the nurse-doctor team, Khafi and Ali who spent 6 weeks with us in Trivandrum undergoing our course. On their return to Lakshadweep, the duo just got on to Khafi’s motorbike, hung a pack each of supplies over their shoulders, and started doing home visits. The mentors from the Hamrahi team in Australia, Odette Spruyt, Sarah Jose, Sofia Lam and more recently Dr Ann Broderick from Iowa have all been very impressed by the remarkable work undertaken in Lakshadweep.

Khafi, we are overjoyed that you have received the supreme honour from the President of India. And Khafi, Maulana, Ali and others in the team, congratulations to all of you. Pallium India is proud to be your fellow traveller in your noble mission.

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