Published on: December 24, 2016

“Imagine you are offered a plate full of delicacies that you haven’t ever seen or tasted. But they look absolutely delicious and you can eat as much as you want (until it gets over),” says Nincy Mariam Mondly.

Nincy Mariam Mondly

“Metaphorically that’s what Pallium India gave me, where the plate would be the platform they placed me in and the delicacies would translate to the new and exciting opportunities I was exposed to. The Freedom Art exhibition held from December 16th to 18th was the first platform where I got to display my amateur creations and realize their worth. More than the money I obtained by selling some of my paintings, the possible reasons why people had bought it made me joyous. Apart from exhibiting what I had in me, I met some extraordinary personalities both small and big. For the first time, like how friends would walk holding each other’s hands, 3 of us in wheelchair wheeled ourselves together across the corridor. It felt fabulous.

“The wall art near the railway station at Thampanoor on December 19 was another unforgettable episode in my life and I know for sure that every time I pass by that wall I would smile happily recollecting the time I spent with my friends, painting on it. Not that I ever found myself worthy of being a part of the team, but I would always remember how blessed I felt during those days as I let the brush find its way through the colours.”


(Wall art – Photo by Aju Ashok)

“Today”, Nincy continues, “as I look at the four walls that surround me, I know that there is a world full of opportunities waiting out there. No matter how much time goes by, I would always rejoice like a small kid, when God gifts me with a chance to be there.”

Nincy is referring to a few events that Pallium India had organized on Dec 16-19, 2016 aimed at promoting awareness regarding the needs of people in wheelchairs, and to work towards making Trivandrum a Barrier-free city. The first was an exhibition at Saphalyam complex, followed by a painting competition for school children, and a Wall Art program at the Railway Recruitment Board wall.

Nincy Mariam Mondly, whose paintings were on display at the 3-day exhibition, and who contributed to the brilliant colours in the wall in the heart of the city, and everyone at Pallium India who made these events happen, congratulations on finding such amazing human beings to work with.

One response to “Letting the paint brush find its way”


    amazing work nincy.All the best for for creating a wonderful platform for physically challenged artists.
    soon hope for barrier free india