Published on: August 22, 2016

Ann MerrimanAn important side event at the APCA conference was the launch of the Anne Merriman Hospice foundation on 17th of August 2016 – an invigorating experience chaired by Dr Emmanuel Luyirika, executive director of APCA.

The full throated choir sang:
“When my life is finally measured in months, weeks, days, hours,
I want to live free of pain, free of indignity, free of loneliness.
Give me your hands
Give me your understanding
Give me your Love
Then let me go peacefully
And help my family to understand”.

In her inspiring address, Dr Anne Merriman recounted the story of a dying girl who wanted pain relief and Coca-Cola. A nurse provided morphine and Coca-Cola. To Anne, that is the Essence of palliative care.

I am taking home a pearl from Dr Anne Merriman’s address, quoting Bishop Desmond Tutu: “You cannot be human all by yourself”.

One response to “Anne Merriman foundation-lighting up the world!”

  1. DIVAKARAN.V says:

    I have posted the inspiring choir song in my Facebook.

    Best wishes to Anne Merriman Hospice Foundation.