Published on: July 21, 2016

In the article titled “Why wouldn’t the government let me die in peace” published in Manorama dated 19 July, Dr M. R. Rajagopal called for opinions and views from readers regarding end of life care.

“A law covering end of life care is certainly needed. But it should be logical and ethical. Silence, yours and mine, will be dangerous at this juncture. This is our last chance to let the Government of India know our views.”

The overwhelming support in the form of emails led Pallium India to consider submitting a petition to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to protect our end of life wishes. The petition has been drawn up here: Protect our End of Life Wishes

Please read the petition and sign (enter your name and email) to show your support. Pallium India will collect all the responses and forward it to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Click here to read the petition and sign your support:

2 responses to “Petition to Government of India: Protect Our End of Life Wishes”

  1. Koshy Jacob says:

    I strongly support Dr M R Rajagopal’s view.
    There should be clear guide lines for all ICU’s all over India.
    As you admitted in ICU, patients are treated like a dead animal, no one can visit, the relative can not see, does not what is happening inside.
    These should be changed, wearing with proper masks visitors allow to see the patients or through glass window, devotional music to be played inside ICU etc. This will ease the mental
    status of the patients better.

  2. Very Rev. A. C. Kurian says:

    I support Dr M R Rajagopal’s view.

    The ensuing Bill is not supporting Life, it is for supporting Multi Speciality Hospitals, – Big Business in India. In our country, It is not ” Health Service” but Health Industry ” . If I am put in ICU, will the Goverment or the Hospitals pay my huge bills. Bills.

    Patients are admitted in ICU, without asking their willingness. A Doctor descides. No one can visit, the relative can not see, . You can see them only through Glass windows. No body knows what is happening inside. People die in ICU, Kissing the Maschines and Tubes/.
    I woluld to die srounded by dear ones . , Looking at the face of my spouse, Children , grand Children , and friends. Holding their hands. That is my last wish . I request the present Government to fullfil my last wish instead of taking me to an unknown place. This is not euthanasia but allowing me to die with dignity

    I fully support the Petition prepared by Palliaum India