Published on: December 26, 2015

bin_1What do you do when you are all set to celebrate Onam (the annual harvest festival of Kerala) and discover that your 83-year-old dear Daddy has a medical problem? The festival turns to a nightmare – a trip from doctor to doctor and from hospital to hospital. Then the verdict – brain tumour. And the solution – surgery.

Bindu Nair, a volunteer for Pallium India, and her family had to go through with the process of an agonizing decision – what would be the best for her Daddy. The surgery would take care of his tumour but what would it do to the person in the meantime? She needed answers. Finally, she found a doctor who would talk, not only about the tumour but also about her father. That doctor agreed with her that rather than the surgery, what may be best for the quality of his life for the remainder of the time may be the alternative, palliative care.

Bindu says that if she had not been exposed to palliative care she wouldn’t have known how to approach the issue, and how to get the medical system to help her father and not just the tumour. Read the article “How Palliative Care helped me make an important decision in life” published in the Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy.

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