Published on: July 13, 2015

(We’re continuing the blog series on Pallium India’s weekly children’s clinic at SAT Government Hospital, Trivandrum. Smriti Rana, Consulting Psychologist and Programme Director for Children’s Palliative Care Project, writes about her experiences. Click here to read Part 1: A Tryst with Thursday, Part 2: How much goodness can one day hold? and Part 3: Angels with us unawares )

Waiting his turn to have his blood drawn,this little fellow was bawling his eyes out in anticipation of the pain.

After a bit of cajoling, he managed to take a seat but the weeping continued. That’s when we pulled out the (not-so) big (bubble)guns.

Smriti - Thursday Blog 4

His tears turned into laughter and not only did the bubbles see him sailing through the procedure (he has the needle in him in this picture), but the team also realised what a great physiotherapy tool the bubble guns can be to improve motor function in the fingers of some of our patients.

There was a lot of hooting and cheering after each one of our stars had their turn with the needles.

We noticed several passers-by stop and peep into our clinic to find out what everyone is laughing and clapping about in an otherwise gloomy hospital.

Another win with the toys!

(We are happily accepting toy donations for our weekly children’s palliative care clinic. Certain specifications need to be considered before sending the toys across, due to the nature of the children’s illnesses, so if you are interested in sending something across do write to us Thank you very much!)

One response to “Bringing out the big guns.”

  1. BINDU NAIR says:

    Truely said,Smriti,how toys changed the mood of the children afraid of injections was remarkable.