Published on: April 29, 2015

Gilly BurnMs Gilly Burn does some things that no one else can. More than quarter of a century back, she travelled the length and breadth of India, preaching palliative care, finding pioneers, getting them trained and empowering them for palliative care. (The Chairman of Pallium India was lucky to be one such person.) She has supported Pallium India in numerous ways including teaching of course, but every time she comes, she gets a bird’s eye view of the work and finds some gap to be filled.

When she came in 2014, she decided that our inpatient facility was looking too sad. For Gilly, going personally to buy paint, finding volunteers to paint and transforming the ward to a happy place were all in a day’s work.

This year, she found that the team needed a low cost and efficient transportation for messengers, and here is her gift – a scooter.

Thank you Gilly, you are such a dear friend!

One response to “Gilly’s unique contributions”

  1. satish kalra says:

    Great effort. Indian youth is going abroad leaving senior citizens to manage themselves. Last phase of life is when they need palliative care the most
    Establishment of intuitional mechanisms across India is needed
    Bravo. I would like to contribute towards this area in Hisar