Published on: November 27, 2014

One step closer to making Trivandrum a wheelchair-friendly city

George Thomas and Ashla Rani both had met with accidents which changed their lives, nevertheless they mean to make their lives worthwhile. On the 25th of November, they met the Hon’ble Governor of Kerala, P. Sathasivam, with a request: They asked his help in their efforts to make Trivandrum a wheelchair-friendly city. Many streets in Trivandrum now have good pavements, but they do not have ramps to help people on wheelchairs get down to and out of the road. Almost none of the public buildings in the city is wheelchair-friendly, leave alone public transport. Pallium India was privileged to accompany George and Ashla Rani to the meeting with Governor Sathasivam.

You might like to know that George was recently selected to the Kerala physically disabled cricket team and Ashla, who had passed her Master of Computer Applications, is volunteering for Pallium India.

Ashla and George: Pallium India is privileged to work with you on your mission.


With the Governor of Kerala

One response to “They demand their right, and the Governor is sympathetic”