Published on: August 31, 2014

Recently, Pallium India joined local groups in conducting three training programs on End of Life care for volunteers in Kerala – in Anthikkad in Thrissur district, Orkatteri in Calicut district and Kannur. The enthusiasm of the volunteers was boundless; they were so very eager to learn.

Mr Vijayan, a palliative care activist in Kannur, came up with a suggestion. Rather obviously, very often the medical professionals are not available to provide End of Life care in the home setting. The local volunteers are available for support and therefore, volunteers have to learn and gain basic expertise in end of life issues. A few training programs here and there can only achieve so much. If we can develop a corps of trainers, we could eventually reach out to a large number of volunteers and families.

Pallium India gratefully welcomed the suggestion. On 19, 20 and 21 September 2014, with support from Mr Vijayan and colleagues, Rajeswari foundation and Pallium India will together host a three-day training program in Trivandrum. Volunteers, who have an interest in End of Life care are welcome. To facilitate adequate interaction, participation at this workshop will be limited to 30. Part of the workshop will be set apart for acquiring some teaching skills. Participants will understand that the aim of the teacher is really to facilitate learning, not just to deliver lectures. They will learn what not to do, and will acquire some skills in this regard.

A greater part of the time will be devoted to learning the basics of End of Life care.

We are not sure that every participant can really be a skilled trainer at the conclusion of the program; but we are sure that they will all try hard; the enthusiasm is so very palpable. And if necessary, we will follow up with more advanced training programs, later. Those of our readers in Kerala who are interested in participating, please write to or call us on +9746745497 during working hours.

All of us at Pallium India in Trivandrum are eagerly looking forward to this event; we are absolutely sure that we shall end up learning a lot from the participants.

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  1. Bindu Nair. says:

    Great initiative, I would like to attend. Will contact.