Published on: July 22, 2014

Amazing how many people responded to our plea for help on behalf of our American palliative care volunteer. People from all over the world, including palliative care pioneers like Dr Kathy Foley, Dr. Jim Cleary and Dr Eric Krakeur, pain specialists like Prof Prithvi Raj, Human Rights Activitists like Mr Diederik Lohman, palliative nursing professionals like Prof Jo Eland and Janette Elliot and many many others responded, contacting people they know and directing us to possible sources of support.

Though we made a few false starts, we are glad that finally she is getting excellent care at University of California, San Francisco Department of Pain Medicine. She is taken seriously, is attended to as a whole person and we are hopeful that their help will restore her health.

Thank you, everyone, for caring.

One response to “Thank you, everyone, for your compassion.”

  1. kurnia ito says:

    Thank ypu for sharing the joyful news. Compassionate people ate everywhere. We are not alone