Published on: June 16, 2014

Like last year, our friends Care and Share USA and Seattle Saptaswara organized yet another successful fund raiser among Malayali crowd in Seattle, Washington. The musical event, Ganolsavam, raised $17,000 to support Pallium India’s rehabilitation programs.

Ashley from Care & Share writes to us about the event:

Seattle Saptaswara is a non-profit troupe founded in 2009 with the mission to raise funds for deserving causes through musical events. Ganolsavam is their annual event to support Care & Share’s projects in Kerala. Around 40 people, including musicians and volunteers, worked close to 4 months in planning, practising and marketing for the grand success of Ganolsavam 2014. Combined, its an effort of more than 2000 hours! Being a huge supporter of quality palliative care, Care & Share has decided to spend all the funds raised to support Pallium India’s rehabilitation projects. Kudos to Saptaswara and Seattle crowd, your support and efforts will bring hope and comfort to a number of families. For more details please visit here.

A big Thank You to Care and Share, to Seattle Saptaswara and to the Seattle Malayali community!

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One response to “Music in USA relieves pain in India.”

  1. dr sara varghese says:

    the great therapeutic effect of music on patients carers and all mankind .needs no further scientific proof –whether it is music from nature or otherwise