Published on: March 13, 2014

“…..he drew enough breath to whisper, “I hope I was a good father to you.” In that instant my heart stopped, and then, just as quickly, it swelled to fill my entire chest — fill my entire body, fill every moment I had lived up until that point — and I knew then exactly what was happening and finally came face-to-face with what it means to be loved and to love, and for that to be both everything and still not enough.

I couldn’t stop what was happening. I couldn’t fix it. I could barely understand it. I just knew I was loved and told him that I was lucky to have spent even a day — even an hour — with him”.

A touching reminder that in the end what matters most is to love and be loved – thank you Ms Katherine Pettus, for sharing the story with us.

One response to “Noah Michelson’s “5 things I learned from helping my father die”.”

  1. BINDU NAIR says:

    Really a touching story.I could feel the depth of berevement because I also lost my loving dad
    in november.