Published on: March 25, 2014

At first look, the connection with palliative care may not be obvious, but the quality of medical education in India is a matter that concerns all branches of medicine.

An item of news in the lay press suggested an “Exit Test” for MBBS graduates. After passing all the examinations involved in the MBBS course, this Exit Test would mean that they still would have to go through an examination process at the national level.

At one look, this may appear to be a good idea to establish standards, considering that the quality of medical education and the quality of evaluation are very variable between different institutions in the country. Having said that, there are numerous objections to such a measure.

DrPraveenlalDr Praveenlal Kuttichira, who is a Professor of Psychiatry and Principal, Govt Medical College, Thrissur, and Member of the Medical Council of India and a Member of the Governing Council of Kerala University of Health Sciences, writes about the various negative points associated with such a step. Dr Praveenlal suggests that if an exit test is necessary, an agency independent of Medical Council of India (MCI) would be better than the MCI itself taking on the job.

The article makes interesting reading for those who are keen on the Health care scene in the country as a whole.

By the way, Dr Praveenlal is one who takes keen interest in promoting palliative care education as a part of medical education.

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