Published on: December 13, 2013

photo(2)The Global Innovations in Health summit held at Doha came to an end on 11 Dec 2013. The day included a 75-minute panel discussion on End of Life Care. Global experts in health care and ministers acting as panelists discussed the need for us to accept death as the inevitable consequence of life. They forcefully argued for improved advocacy and improved care facilities to make End of Life care as dignified as possible. The importance of pain relief and of access to opioids was emphasized as essential parts of End of Life care.

It is indeed remarkable that a two day summit on “Health innovations” had more than a half day dedicated to End of Life Care. With the whole globe giving more attention to End of Life Care, perhaps we can stop being afraid of dying.

One response to “World Innovations in Health Summit discusses End of Life Care”

  1. Satish Kalra says:

    End of the life period is very crucial and dignity in dying is what yearns for. This subject is attracting attention. It is indeed a much desired area that needs to be strengthened.