Published on: December 18, 2013
Losing what was probably India’s last chance in many years to relieve pain and suffering among India’s millions, the Parliament adjourned sine die today amidst political turmoil, failing to take up amendment of India’s Narcotics Act. It is very unlikely that there will be another session of the Parliament during the term of the current Government and pending bills will become null and void.
To the person who responded to this saying, “they don’t care”, let us voice a dissent. It is not “they”. It is “us”. We live in a democracy. We are responsible for what our elected representatives do.  If they failed to act, it is because we were not able to raise our voices loud enough to demand justice on behalf of those who are voiceless. Will we be able to do better in future?

2 responses to “The Parliament fails to act – Again.”

  1. Ros Taylor says:

    This is TERRIBLE news…I saw 3 patients in absolute agony in the outpatient department of the cancer hospital in Thakurpukur, Kolkata this morning, all people under the age of 45 with advanced cancer…the outdated licensing and legal loopholes are making this simple safe and effective drug out of reach to the millions who could benefit.

    Dr Ros Taylor visiting from the UK @hospicedoctor

  2. baskar says:

    Very unfortunate that our politicians are behaving in such a careless manner. All these people ask is that the end of life is less painful as possible. Given the pathetic nature of Indian healthcare, this should atleast be the least thing govt. should do.

    There are plenty of ways to get drugs in India for illegal use. – Stupidity as expected.