Published on: December 26, 2013

Jaipur with OdettePallium India is very proud of its association with Dr Anjum Joad and team at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan to develop a palliative care training centre. There are so few in the country, particularly in North India! The first 6 weeks’ course for doctors and nurses is going on there now. Pallium India’s course coordinator, Mr Jayakrishnan Kalarickal, spent a week at Jaipur helping out. Dr Odette Spruyt too managed to do a visit on behalf of “Hamrahi”, the collaborative support system that Pallium India and Australasia Palliative Link International (APLI) set up together. In the picture, you see Dr Odette in the middle, with the ever-smiling Dr Anjum Joad kneeling in front.

Congratulations, Anjum, and thank you for allowing Pallium India to work with such a bundle of cheerful energy as you! And thank you, Dr Jerina Kapoor and Pallium India – USA for supporting this project.

One response to “Now some good news: New Training Centre at Jaipur, Rajasthan”

  1. Dr Ajith.G,Nair says:

    Congratulations Pallium India! Looking forward to many more training centres all over the country.