Published on: November 29, 2013
jaipurPallium India is very proud to collaborate with the Palliative Care Department at Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Centre at Jaipur, Rajasthan.  North India desperately needs more training centres. Why should doctors, nurses and others have to travel to South India for training?
The force behind the training centre is Dr Anjum Joad Khan. She combines passion, humor, resilience and tenacity of purpose to keep on working away at the barriers and eventually achieve her objectives.  Her first 6 weeks’ course started on 25 November 2013. We are very grateful to Dr Odette Spruyt, from Melbourne, Australia, who initiated the Hamrahi program which works with Pallium India to support palliative care programs.

Pallium India-USA is offering to support the program. Thank you Dr Jerina Kapoor and colleagues.

2 responses to “New Training Centre at Jaipur”

  1. Satish Kalra says:

    We at Hisar also want to establish a Training Center. Can Palliumindia help.

  2. Satish Kalra says:

    Vanaprastha Dignity Trust intend to nursing care services for terminally ill in Hisar, a city of Haryana. This could be a Palium India center in Haryana, which state has none so far. We look forward to hearing from you in this regard.