Published on: May 10, 2013

“….Our findings only highlighted what we suspected all along – hardly any of the patients were receiving palliative care and were in grave suffering, the relatives were burnt out by the endless service they gave to the patients and the doctors were, unfortunately, poorly informed about palliative care, its centres and its scope.”

Yash Gore and teamThus write Mr Yash Gore and friends, medical students from Mumbai, who refused to be bound down by their outdated syllabus and dared to venture beyond it.

Their presentation won the First Prize at TRINITY 2013, the All Maharashtra Medical Research Conference.

Congratulations, Yash and colleagues. Please read the whole article.

One response to “With medical students like this around, the future is bright!”

  1. Dr.CR.Jayasankar says:

    Congrats, My dear children.
    Ur presence is the ray of hope for the future of medical profession.
    Stay blessed always