Published on: February 15, 2012

Sree Padmanabha Theatre, Trivandrum

On some convenient day you go to an ISO-certified movie house in Trivandrum city and watch a movie. OK, you enjoy the movie, but can you by any stretch of imagination think of that act helping someone in pain?

Well, this is true!

Mr Gireesh Chandran, managing director of Sri Padmanabha Theatre in Trivandrum City, has announced that from February 7, 2012 (their 40th anniversary!):

  • 1% of profits from ticket sales will go to Pallium India to help poor patients.

Thank you Mr Gireesh and all who made this possible! All of us at Pallium India are grateful to you.

Some have called Sri Padmanabha: “A cinema hall always ahead of its time” – WE AGREE!

New Indian Express report: Watch film; aid palliative care

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