Sad State of Palliative Care in Maharashtra

2012 January 11
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An article in “Mid-Day” highlights the need for improved palliative care facilities in the state of Maharashtra and brings to attention the contrast between Kerala which has more than 170 palliative centers and Maharashtra which has only three!

The article, “Till the end…”, describes the efforts that the palliative care leaders, Dr M.A Muckaden, Dr Manjhiri Dighe and others are making to bring in a palliative care policy in the state and also to improve palliative care education to professionals.

The Maharashtra Health Minister, Suresh Shetty, responds:

The decision of a policy has to be taken by the Medical Education department.

As far as making palliative care a compulsory part of the medical curriculum is concerned, we have forwarded it to the Directorate of Medical Education in Nashik.

The decision has to come from there.

A lot more advocacy is needed, obviously!

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